Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 5th ed., 1887, Jessamine Co. JEPHTHA D. HUGHES, lumber merchant at Nicholasville, is the eldest son of the late John B. Hughes of Keene, Jessamine County. He was born in Jessamine on the 6th of November, 1851. Mr. Hughes is extensively engaged in selling lumber, and is an industrious, energetic and reliable business man. His mother was the daughter of the late R. Jeptha Dudley, of Fayette County, Ky. The great-grandfather of Mr. Hughes was Col. William Dudley, who lost his life in the disastrous defeat sustained by the Kentuckians under his command at Fort Meigs, during the war of 1812. He was born at Spottsylvania C. H., Virginia, in 1769, and came to Fayette County at an early age. He was for many years magistrate of Fayette County, and was much respected by all who knew him. John B. Hughes was for many years a merchant at Keene. His health was poor, though his application to business was unremitting and efficient. He died in 1858. Jephtha D. Hughes, his eldest son, was married to Elizabeth Garrison, daughter of John Garrison, in 1880. He has four children: William, Mary, Lida and Ada. Hughes Dudley Garrison = Fayette-KY Spottsylvania-VA