Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, ed. 8-B, 1887

Fleming County

J.W. DUDLEY was born in Fleming County, Ky., April 7, 1841, and is the

younger of two children born to John and Adaline (Ringo) Dudley, the latter

a daughter of John R. Ringo, of Fleming County. John Dudley was a son of

William Dudley, a native of Virginia, who came to Kentucky when but four

years of age. John Dudley was born in 1819, was a farmer by occupation and

also served as constable; he died from the effects of a surgical operation

in 1846. Mrs. Adaline Dudley subsequently married Edward L. Goull, who is

also deceased; she is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. J.W.

Dudley received his education in Fleming County, and began the practice of

dentistry in Louisville in 1867, where he has since resided. He served in

the Federal army, Company A, Tenth Kentucky Cavalry, twelve months. In 1868

he married Miss Glendora Kendall, a daughter of H.O. Kendall, of Fleming

County. They are the parents of five children, viz: Robert, O'Bannon,

Harry, Lizzie M. (deceased) and George F. (deceased). Mrs. Dudley is a

member of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Dudley is a Knight of Honor.

Dudley Ringo Goull Kendall