Rev. Robert Dudley and wife Anne Rice

And Descendants

Compiled by John Metcalf

Our oldest Dudley ancestor that we knew for sure about was William Green Dudley. A family Bible record stated he was born on March 4, 1810, and later census data stated he was born in Kentucky. However, neither the exact location nor his parents were stated. We knew he married Lavisa Ann Ashmore in Vigo County, Indiana, in December 1830 and the preacher was named Robert Dudley. We suspected that Robert was William’s father, and he was the Robert Dudley who married Anne Rice in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, in 1809. We knew that William and Lavisa lived in Edgar County, Illinois, for a while (the county next to Vigo County, Indiana), and they lived in Dane County, Wisconsin, before moving to Mitchell County, Iowa, in the mid-1850s. The time fitted but there was no proof. I now believe that the following information taken all together forms a circumstantial case that all but proves that this Robert was indeed the father of our William.


1810 Census, Greenville Township, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, page 394 (note the index was in a book, call number 976.9 X22k).

Robert Dudley

1 male under 10

1 male 16 and under 26

1 female under 10

1 female 16 and under 26

(Note that this data is directly from the census return itself on microfilm. There is also an extract showing the same data in a book (call number 976.9 X2pa). I believe the male under 10 was our William Green Dudley who was born in March 1810, so he was actually under 1 year old at the time, but who was the young girl under 10?)


The following information was published in "The Muhlenberg County Heritage" by the Muhlenberg County Genealogical Society, Central City, Kentucky. These were collected and bound in the LDS Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah (call number 976.9832 D25m). Note that there is a lot data on the Rice family and only a few mentions of Dudley.

Volume 2, No. 3, June 1980, page 29

1820 Muhlenberg County Census:

Dudley, Robert 100010-51010-01


1 male under 10

1 male 26 to 45

5 females under 10

1 female 10 to 16

1 female 26 to 45

(Note that the census index is in a book, call number 976.9 X22ja. The above information is on page 137 of the Muhlenberg County census. Note also that I looked at the actual census image and the above information is correct.)

Volume 10, No. 4, Oct., Nov., Dec., 1988, page 37


Among the well-known first-comers who lived in the Old Liberty Neighborhood and the Murphy's Lake country was William Rice.

William Rice, a Revolutionary War Soldier and army blacksmith, settled in Muhlenberg County between 1800 and 1810, and died near Bancroft 16 Mar. 1824. We haven't a clue as to when he was born. Otto Rothert in his Muhlenberg County History, wrote "among his fourteen sons and four daughters were; William Jr., Jesse, Larkin, Mathew, Claibourn, Thomas Jefferson, James, Benjamin end Ezekiel." The daughters are not named.

A will recorded in Book 1, pgs. 251-252-253, lists wife named Frances, sons; Mathew, Larkin, Ezekiel, William Jr., Claibourn, Jesse, James, Benjamin and daughters; Polly and Anne. That is eight names short of the fourteen sons and four daughters reported by Mr. Rothert. One phrase repeated several times in the will was "among my living children". This could mean that eight of his children had preceeded him in death.

A biography for Moses M. Rice, in Biographical Sketches, we learn Moses was the tenth child of six boys and six girls born to Ezekiel and Ann (Watkins) Rice on 8 Mar. 1817. His parents were both born in Virginia. Ezekiel Rice was a son of William Rice, who was a gunsmith and blacksmith, and repaired guns during the Revolution; He moved with his family to Washington County KY 1n 1784; (this was about the time the Henry Rhoades party came to KY) thence to Muhlenberg County in 1810. On their first coming, he states, they lived in forts. (They were in Muhlenberg before 1810).

James, Ezekiel and W.H. Rice had a blacksmith shop in Old Liberty neighborhood. Frances Rice did Mid-wife services, and the amount was debited to the account of Mathew Rice at the James Weir store in Greenville.

The 1810 Muhlenberg County Census lists;

Claibourn William Patrick Jesse James H. Larkin Nathan

Under 10 2 2 0 0 2 1 4 0 1 0 1 0 0 0

10-16 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0

16-26 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 3

26-45 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0

Over45 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1

William and wife and Nathan and wife are all over 45, so are William and Nathan brothers ? OR could Nathan be the oldest child of William and Frances ? Nathan is not listed on Rothert's list or in the will, so he must have been a brother of William.

Claibourn, Patrick, Jesse, James H. and Larkin are all in the 26 to 45 column, which means they were born 1765 to 1784. By 1820 census, only Claibourn, Jesse and James remain in Muhlenberg.

The first marriage in Muhlenberg was Patrick Rice to Polly Rice in 1808. Is Patrick William's son OR is Polly William's daughter ? The next marriage recorded in Muhlenberg is for Anna Rice to Robert Dudley, 10 Apr. 1809, is this the Anne Rice in William's will ? and is the Polly Rice who married Thomas Hadden, 6 Jan. 1824 William's daughter ?

There are very few early Cemetery records for this family. There is no marker for William or his wife Frances. A Rice Cemetery near Cave Springs church on hwy. 1473 (right on the Christian County line has markers for Ezekiel Rice, b. 1774, d. 24 Aug. 1847, his wife Ann, b. 24 Sep 1782, d. 4 Apr. 1836. Next oldest is Thomas J. Rice, b. 16 Feb. 1804 d. 7 Apr. 1856, and his wife Susan (Weir) Rice b. 25 Sep. 1815, d. 13 Oct. 1897. James W. Rice, b. 27 Sep 1808 d. 30 Mar 1862 and wife Susan, b. 23 Feb 1811, d. 4 Sep 1854. I believe these are both sons of Ezekiel and Ann.

Fran Rice, 2016 W. 5th St., Odessa TX 79763 is searching for parents of Joshua Morris Rice, b. in KY about 1826. He was m. In Polk Co., MO 4 Oct. 1846, to Elisabeth Murphee (b. TNO. Their first son James Caswell Rice, was b. 14 Aug 1847, is her husband's great-grand father. Other children of Joshua and Elisabeth were; William H., Bascum, Hiram and Jonathan, also Susan, Mary E., Martha J., and Frances. (that last name sounds like she may have been named for pioneer William's wife.) They were living in Dade County MO in 1850 Census with an older Lady, Susan Rice. Is Joshua Morris Rice a grandson or great grandson of our William Rice ? Who were his parents ? Fran would love to hear from you.

Joanne Garrett, 1004 Dewey St., Grandview, MO 64030, sent me a group sheet for Nathan Rice, who died before July Court 1817 in Muhlenberg County. She lists his wife, Lavinia (note another genealogy gives her maiden name as Crenshaw — comment added JM), and children: Gabriel, Elisabeth A. (m. Henry Black), Jesse, Nathan (m. Catherine P. Burch 3 Oct 1833), Letitia (m. Garland D. Craig, 20 Oct 1816), Nancy (m. John R. Tolbert in Dec 1810), Sarah b. 9 Feb. 1790, m. Matthew G. Willis and d. 10 May 1863 in Johnson County Ark., Anne (m. Robert Dudley, 10 Apr 1809). Some of these marriages may be wrong, however until proven different, Joanne is satisfied with them. She too would like to hear from anyone working on this line.

There was a family of Rices in Logan County. The oldest being Gabriel Rice, b. 16 Feb. 1776 d. 13 Nov 1842 and his let wife Sabra, b. 5 Dec 1780 d. 6 Feb 1830. The first Rice marriage recorded in Logan County was Hiram Rice to Ann Hutchens, 26 Oct 1800, James Rice to Crecy Mason, 20 Dec 1802, and William Rice to Jane Lowery, 6 July 1804. These probably are sons of Gabriel and Sabra.

Buried at the Shakertown Cemetery in Logan County are; Alexander Rice, b. 7 Jan 1777 VA d. 15 May 1856, William Rice b. 19 Apr 1784 KY d. 16 Sep 1863, Jemima Rice, b. 20 Jan 1787 VA d. 8 May 1844 and Patsy, b. 27 Jan. 1786 d. 13 June 1836.

In a Threlkeld Genealogy I found two Rice sisters who had married Threlkeld brothers in Mercer County before settling in Livingston County. They had close ties with the Muhlenberg Rice's. Judith Rice m. 17 Mar 1796 to Aaron Threlkeld (He was b. 1778 in Culpepper County VA). They had eight children, one of whom was named William, b. 6 Aug 1812 in Muhlenberg County. Ann Rice m. Gabriel Threlkeld in Mercer County about 1805 had nine children. Their youngest, Caroline Elisabeth b. 8 Aug. 1825 m. Alney McLean Dennis, son of Abraham Dennis and Tabitha Rice Dennis of Muhlenberg County. Then after Tabitha had died in 1852, Abraham went to Livingston County and married their oldest daughter, Frances who was a widow.

I have been unable to get cemetery records for these Threlkelds, but I wonder if they could possibly be daughters of William Rice. Is Tabitha Rice, b. 1 Jan. 1785 KY another daughter or grand-daughter ?

Our William Rice, Revolutionary soldier never applied for a pension, nor did his wife Frances.

The only William Rice to draw a pension was one William B. Rice, b. 27 Apr 1744 in VA, a son of David and Mary Rice, m. 16 Aug 1781 to Rebecca Ellington, daughter of Jacob and Martha Ellington in Prince Edward County VA. She was b. 1 Mar 1758 and d. 1846 in Montgomery County M0. They had seven children; David M., Mary., William G., Benjamin, Sophia, Chalia and Samuel. This William moved to Mecklenberg County KY about 1805, and on to MO before 1820. I have quite a bit of information on this William, but unable to link him to our Muhlenberg County Rices.

I know this is a very incomplete picture of William Rice and his family in Muhlenberg County. But hopefully it will spark enough interest that we can work together to fill in the blank spaces. This puzzle has a lot of pieces, that should fit together, SO do you have that missing piece that will help us complete it.

Please write to me, Mrs. Lonnie C. Dennis, 532 Jason Ridge Road, Lewisburg, KY 42256 if you can help on any of William's children.

Volume 11, No. 4, 1989, page 38

As promised, here is another article on the RICE family. It is far from complete, and so will necessitate another article in the future. As I know more about this family, I will pass it along to you.

I am including some Rice Family Records, these do not seem to be akin to our Muhlenberg CO William RICE, Revolutionary Blacksmith, but they just may give someone a clue to their Rice line.


If you have gotten tangled up with the Williams, Esekiels, James, Claiborns and Davids, then join the crowd. Fathers, sons, cousins and double cousins, it is enough to make you pull out your hair. They came to KY from VA, as early as 1784. One Biography I read, claims they were in Washington CO KY first. Then Bourbon, Mercer and on to Muhlenberg, before 1810 Census. They spread out to Todd, Christian and Hopkins, and Logan. Than in 1840's they began to move into Lyon, Livingston and Caldwell Counties, as well as states of IL, M0, and TX.

In Todd CO, I found an appraisial for one William RICE, deceased, 1814. I thought at first this must be William Rice, Jr. from Muhl. CO. In the Dec Court of Todd CO, a commission was appointed to divide his land between his legal heirs. Deed Book F. page 433. The Dowery having heretofore been laid off and assigned to the widow.


Permelia, the Widow The Dowery 42 acres

Edmund Pendleton Rice Lot #1 10 acres

Cynthia Mansfield Lot #2 9 acres

Claiborn Rice Lot #3 10 acres

Lavinia (Louisa) Rice Lot #4 10 acres

Catherine Gray Lot #5 10 acres

William C. Lot #6 10 acres

Permelia Rice Lot #7 10 acres

John Rice Lot #7 10 acres

Nancy Harris Lot #9 9_ acres

This property was bounded by neighbors, James Marion, B.F. Grady, Reubin Grady and Mrs. Pendleton. In the next few years, Claiborn Rice bought moat of this land, including the dowery from his brothers and sisters. The land was described as being on Red River and Clear Creek. I believe this is in the South East corner of Todd CO. At the time of sales, Permelia and husband William Shewey were listed as living in Christian CO, William C. Rice and wife Sarah of Caldwell CO, John D. Gray and wife Catherine of Hart CO, Josiah Carneal and wife Nancy Harris of Christian C0.

The 1850 Todd CO Census lists:

320/320 RICE, Pamela 60 b. KY ** Widow of William

Louisa 30 Rice, dec'd 1844**

Claiborn 26

John 21

Napoleon 14 * (not listed with other Children)

181/181 RICE, John 5I b. KY *** I don't know if

Jane 40 b. IR this John was a Bro.

Nathan 15 b. IN to William or not,

Joseph W. 13 b. IN but could very well

Emma 10 b. KY be***

Green  8    "

Francis M.  6    "

James  4    "

Lafayette  9    "

Todd CO Marriages 1820-1879

Edmund Pendleton Rice m. Evaline Cookerill 10 Dec 1840

Cynthia Rice m. James P. Mansfield 25 Feb 1832

Catherine Rice m. John B. Gray 01 Mar 1838

Permelia Rice m. (1) William B. Shewey 28 Sep 1848

   (2) Stephen Latham (his 3rd) 13 Oct 1859

   (3) William Whitaker 20 Oct 1881 in Muhl.

By 1860 Census Permelia and Stephen Latham were the only children of William living in Todd CO. John and Jane were still there and Permelia was living next door to them. This may mean that John was a younger brother of William.

I found Cynthia Rice Mansfield bur. in McElroy Cemetery in Caldwell CO

Cynthia Mansfield w/o James b. 27 May 1800 d. 22 Aug 1880

James P. Mansfield b. 26 Apr 1805 d. 27 Oct 1885

At Cedar Hill Cem. in Princeston, I found Claiborn Rice (1827-1895) His wife Martha Wilson. This means that Claiborn was only 17 when his father died and probably was the youngest child. Napoleon B. Rice m. Mary Elisabeth Latham 25 Mar 1857, and they were in Todd CO in 1860 Census, with one child. He would have been about eight years old when William died, and I believe if he had been their child, he would have been named in the settlement.

According to a Biography in the Caldwell CO History by the Princeston Guild Club, William Rice m. Permelia Pendleton 13 May 1803 in Bourbon CO KY. He was a son of John Rice, who came from Richmond on the James Virginia. Permelia was a daughter of Curtis Pendleton and Nancy Wilson, b. in Spotsylvanina CO VA. Curtis was son of Henry Pendleton and Martha Curtis. Curtis was private in Rev. War.

In another Biography for William Claiborne Rice. I found that Edmund Pendleton Rice son of William and Permelia, of Todd CO, had three children. William Claiborne Rice. b. Todd CO 5 Mar 1843, d. Caldwell CO 1902. m. Mary Susan Martin (18 Jul 1849 Crittenden CO, d/o Henry J. Martin and Elisabeth Bennett) 28 Oct 1868. They had eight Children: Henry Edward, Susan Elisabeth, Eulah Avolina, William Sanford, Reginald Ivan, Ruby Catherine and Mary Imogine. William C. was known as "Rebel Bill" and was one of three children of Edmund and Evaline, his sisters were Cynthia Eva, m. James W. Dobson, and Sarah Elisabeth, m. John R. Harris. Apparently Evaline Pendleton Rice had been married before William, for he also lists Milton and Thomas N. Cockrell as half brothers. (I found a marriage in Todd CO for Newton Cockrill to Evolina Gorin, 05 May 1831).

This last Biography says John Rice (Jack), the oldest son m. (?) settled near Livingston Creek before moving on to Texas. Nancy Frances Rice (1) m. Thomas Harris, but I couldn’t find where. (2) she m. Josiah Corneal, 23 Oct 1849. They were in Christian CO when they sold the dowery back to brother Claiborne. She m. Carneal in Todd C0.

Permelia Rice, m. (1) William B. Shewey in Todd CO 28 Sep 1848. She must have divorced him, for when she m. Stephen Latham 13 Oct 1859, her name was Rice. By Latham she had four daughters:

Cynthia Ann Latham b. 29 Sep 1860 m. Daniel E. Wyatt 2 Feb 1882 d. 3 Jul 1907

Emma Louellen Latham, b. 12 Nov 1863 m. Bolivar B. Posey 2 May 1888 d. 18 Sep 1914

Nancy Belle Latham, b. 24 May 1866 m. (1) John W. Hankins, 12 Nov 1884 (2) Hershel Lee Mohon, 18 Dec 1901 she d. Apr 1905.

Martha Frances Latham b. 8 Apr 1870, m. J. Strother Depoyster 22 Oct 1885 d. 22 Oct 1899.

Levinia/Louisa never married and lived with the Mansfields in Caldwell CO.

Catherine Rice m. John B. Gray, 1 Mar 1838 and moved to Hart CO.

Now the ages that I have on this family, just don’t add up right. Wm. and Permelia were having children from 1806 to 1834. That doesn’t sound right. I think it will take much more work.


In Christian CO KY I found a will for James H. Rice Book #1 page 124-125, 3 Feb 1832. He mentions a brother Jonathan A. Rice. He appropiates two tracts of land to pay his just debts and funeral expenses. One tract of 543 acres in Allen CO KY on the Big Barren River, the other 200 acres in Christian C0. He names his wife Malinda, dau. Maria Rice, who m. Absolom Sharp 3 Jul 1818, Sophia W. Rice, who m. Cable R. Harrison, 22 Oct 1818, Lucinda Rice who m. a Wallace, Eliza A.W. Rice and Malinda Rice who m. Richard Poston 15 Feb 1826 (Poston was either dead or J.H. had no confidence in him for he made Joseph C. Harrison, trustee of Malinda's inheritance). One son James H. Rice, Jr.

To Sophia, Lucinda and James H. he leaves two quarter sections of land in IL. (No city or county is named.) To James H. he leaves his family Bible record, to Maria Sharp he leaves his set of "David's sermons". Maria's husband Absolom Sharp was his appointed Executor.

In the Pioneer Cemetery in Christian CO are J.H. & Malinda

James H. Rice, b. 1768 d. 1832 inscription on his monument reads

"s/o Rev. David Rice"

Malinda M. Rice b. 1774 d. 1832

So, while she was still alive when James H. made his will, she seems to have died the same year he did.

I believe this is the James H. Rice who was counted in Muhlenberg CO. (though I could be wrong). A marriage in Washington CO KT for one James H. Rice to Anna Rice 9 May 1806, is much too late for them.

Now some of our members or readers in IL might be able to fill in some blanks on Sophia & Caleb. R. Harrison (m. 22 Oct 1818), Lucinda Wallace and Eliza Rice, who inherited land in IL. Let us hear from you.


In a Washington CO history book I found some little tid bits that might shed some light on the Muhlenberg CO Rices. 22 Nov 1793, Ezekiel Rice was cited for being absent from muster. He complains he was enlisted in Mercer C0. (not fined). A Marriage in Washington CO 19 Sep 1798 for Ezekiel Rice to Nancy Watkins, James Watkins gave consent for the bride. (we have her as Ann, I suppose it could have been Nancy Ann.)

From the Biography of Moses M. Rice, s/o Ezekiel and Ann we know that they had six boys and six girls, and that Moses M. was the 10th child. I wish he had named them. Using Cemetery Records mostly, we come up with the following;

Ezekiel RICE, b. 1774, m. 19 Sep 1795 d. 24 Aug 1 7 s/o William & Frances

(Nancy?) Ann Watkins, b. 24 Sep 1782, d. 4 Apr 1836 both bur. Rice Cemetery

Children: (not necessarily in order of birth)

Thomas Jefferson Rice, b. 16 Fab 1804, Wash. CO KY d 7 Apr 1856 Muhl CO KY m. 24

Jul 1838 Muhl. CO to Susan M. Weir (b. 25 Sep 1815 d. 13 Oct 1897 d/o Samuel

Weir and Elizabeth Vanlandingham Weir.

James W. Rice b. 27 Sep 1808 d. 30 Mar 1862 m. 17 Nov 1831 Susan M. Martin (b.

23 Feb 1814 d. 4 Sep 1854) d/o ?

Frances S. Rice, b. ca 1810, d. ? m. 7 Sep 1831 to Andrew L. Martin

Amanda Rice, b. ca 1815, d. ? m. 30 Nov 1836 Henry Dike

Moses M. Rice b. 8 Mar 1817 Muhl. CO d. 23 Jul 1894 Muhl. bur. Rice Cemetery

m. (1) 14 Nov 1844 Muhl. Sarah A. Drake, (b. 29 Dee 1822- d. 27 Jan 1873

   (2) 13 Mar 1876 Muhl. Ruth Ann Drake, (b. 3 Feb 1817- d. 1 Oct 1880)

both d/o of Mosley Collins Drake and Lurancy C. Wells,

Louisa J. Rice, b. ca 1822, d. ? m. 1 Jun 1843 Muhl. to Claiborn C. Duvall

Also there was a son named William whose wife was Mary, a son Jesse, and possibly another dau named Arminda who m. William Drake, 14 Nov 1844. That is only nine. Who and where were the others. There could have been two born before T.J. Louisa J. and Arminda after Moses.

Nathan Rice b. over 45 in 1810 (1765) d. before Jul 1817. 1810 Census gives him three daughters. His wife was Levinia, I have found no records of birth-death or marriage. Joanne Garrett, whose address is given elsewhere in this issue, gave me the following on this family;

Anne Rice, b. ca 1789 m. Robert Dudley 10 Apr 1809

Sarah Rice, b. 9 Feb 1790, m. Matthew G. Willis, d. 10 May 1843 in Johnson CO A R

Nancy Rice b. ca 1892 m. John R. Tolbert, in Dec 1810

Jesse Rice b. ca 1811 m. Catherine Plain 28 Dee 1831

Nathan Rice b. ca 1812, m. Catherine P. Burch 3 Oct 1833

Elizabeth A. Rice, b. ? m. Henry W. Black

I found no cemetery records for this family, nor did I find any of them in Muhl. CO Censuses.

Larkin Rice, b. 1765/1784, was in 1810 Muhl. CO Census and gone before 1820. I found a marriage in Washington CO for a Larkin Rice to Eleanor Peak, 30 Oct 1810. This could be a second marriage, but he lists 3 children under 16 in the Cen sus. No other information on Larkin at this time

Jesse Rice, b. 1765/1784, was in 1810 Muhl. CO Census with wife and 4 sons under 10. I found two marriages for a Jesse Rice in Washington CO. (1) Jesse to Sally Mitchel, 23 Jul 1794, (if he was 21, then born 1773?) the (2) Jesse to Polly Watkins, 22 Dec 1803. (#2 more likely to be the right one). He was gone after 1820 Census. (( also there could have been two Jesse Rice's in Washington CO))

Claiborne Rice, b. ca 1775, In 1810 Census he had 5 boys and 2 girls. In 1820 there were 4 boys and 2 girls. In Muhl. CO Deed Book #7, Pg. 244. 17 Dec 1832, Samuel Rice, William Rice, John Rice, Clary Rice, Lucinda B. Rice, Fanny Rice, Claiborn Rice, sign as heirs of Claiborne Rice, Sr. dec'd. (Samuel of McCrackin CO, Clary of Allen CO KY, all others of Muhl. C0.

Samuel Rice m. Clara Moore 1 May 1818 Muhl. (that could be the boy missing 1820)

John E. Rice m. Eliza Clark, 16 May 1822, ((Is two marriages for same John or

John E. Rice m. Jane Martin, 14 Apr 1826 is this two different Johns?)))

William Rice m. Mary C. Rice, 4 Aug 1825 A1l these m. in Muhl. C0.

On one deed where the heirs signed, was one William Rice and wife Mary. So that must be right for William. Also Claiborn, Jr. was (1) m. to Elizabeth Walker, (2) m. to Reta Ann? I don't know where or when. I found no marriages for the girls, or Clary. Perhaps in McCracken CO or Allen C0.

In 1850 Muhl. CO Census there was a Claiborn Rice, (46), wife Elisabeth (42 b. VA), William (11), Susan M. (9) Fanny, (5), John (3), Thomas (2). Also Claiborn (30), Ann (27 b. VA), Sarah (57) Dabney C. (35), Mary A. (19). The first one could be the Claiborn, Jr. above, b. 1804. The second with "his mother?". Could this be a son of William Rice Jr., s/o William, pioneer. A marriage in Wash. CO 31 Dec 1800 William Rice to Sarah Rutter, (James Rutter signing for her). More another day.


I copied the following Rice Bible Records from "Bible and Family Records "

from Mercer CO KY. The first is from Mrs. Vincent Bartlen, West Allis,

WI end second is from Mrs Mabel R. Hoy-- no address given.



Children of Casper Rice:

Jacob Rice was born Mar 7th 1757 died Sep 3rd 1838

___lay Rice was born Nov 12th 1760, died Feb 26th 1824

John Rice was born Jan 22nd 1763, died Sep 17th 1836

Elizabeth Rice was born Aug 15th 1765

Lucy Rice was born Jan 29th 1768, died Apr 10th 1854

Michael Rice was born Mar 8th 1770, died Jan 27th 1842 Jessamine CO KY

Mary Rice was born 10th 1773 (month omitted), died in year 1836

Catherana Rice was born July 31st 1776, died Dec 1st 1860

Michael Rice and Elizabeth Baltzell married Jun 15th 1790 Frederick CO MD

Jacob Rice was born Jul 28th 1791m m. Catherine Higbee Jun 23 1812, d. May 17 1848

Joseph Rice was born Oct 8th 1792, d. Apr 27 1834 m. Eleanor Baxter Sep 9 1818

Catherine Rice b. Feb 24 1794 m. George Nevens Oct 19 1811 d. Aug 1837 Mercer CO KY

Abraham Rice b. Aug 15 1796 Isaac Rice b. Nov 25 1799

Rebecca Rice b. Apr 10 1798 Daniel Rice b. Nov 8 1801

Mrelezebeth Rice b. Oct -5-1803 d. Feb 30 1805

Sally Rice b. May 30 1805, m. Lawson Sims Mar 11 1824, d. Feb 28 1850

Solomon Rice b. Jan 21 1807, m. Elizabeth Smith Feb 27 1827, d. Mar 17 1887

Susanna Rice b. Dec 10 1808, m. William Yates, Jan 31 1828, d. Jan 9 1848

Maria Rice b. May 8 1812 m. Pryor Pemberton Jun 18 1835, d Jun 4 1896

Havilah Rice b. Jul 30 1815, m. Francis H. Roberts Dec 23 1834, d. Sep 28 1850

Carolina Rice b. Jul 30 1815, m. William Bennett Jan 2 1840, d. Dec 9 1840

Patsey Rice b. May 7 1817, d. Jun 16 1830



Jefferson Rice was born March 20 1783, d. Jan 11 1842

Nancy Rice was born Feb 11 1788, d. Dec 21 1864

William Russell Rice was born May 23rd 1807, d. Jan 17 1842

James Madison Rice was born Mar 13 1809, d. Apr 5 1824

Margaret Howard Rice was born Jun 3 1811,

George Washington Rice was born Jun 8 1813, d. Nov 16 1846

Ann Lewis Rice was born Sep 27 1815, d. Feb 7 1857

Pleasant Moss Prewitt Rice was born Sep 20 1817, d. Jun 13 1857,

Joseph Prewitt Rice was born Apr 7 1820, d. Nov 22 1859

Fisher Amon Rice was born Mar 15 1822

Thomas Jefferson Rice was born Mar 20 1824, d. Feb 8 1864

Simeon Lewis Rice was born Sep 22 1828, d. Jan 3 1842

James Madison Rice was born Nov 25 1830, d. Oct 12 1 78 b. Jessamine CO KY

Fisher Amon Rice was born Mar 15 1822

Fisher Rice Hand was born Mar 8 1834

Nancy Rice was born Jul 18 1870

Joseph P. Rice was born Jul 6 1840 // Susan R. Clafflin was born Jun 3 1853

John J. Clafflin was born Mar 31 1856 // Nancy Rice Clafflin was born Dec 30 1858

James Rice Clafflin was born May 9 1860 // Charles Titus Clafflin wag b. Jan 6 1862

Augusta M. Trimble was born May 29 1851 // Ann Lewis Robinett d. Feb 1868

Titus Clafflin and George Ann Elizabeth Rice were married Jan 12 1848

Jefferson Rice and Nancy Prewitt was married Aug 21 1806

From the New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ-- Translated out of the original Greek and the former Translatiors: Diligently compared and Revised Vow York American Bible Society: 1847

The above Bible in possession of Mrs Mabel R. Hoy, a descendant, no address.



John Rice b. 4 Mar 1757 // Elizabeth, his wife b. 21 Dec 1757

m. 24 Nov 1777,

Eve Rice b. 6 Oct 1778 m. George Smith

Lucy Rice b. 16 Jan 1781 // Magtolena Rice b. 23 Nov 1783

David Rice b. 16 Aug 1785 // Elizabeth Rice b. 13 Jul 1707

Mary Rice b. 24 Dec 1788 m. Mr. Farra // Easter Rice b. 15 Feb 1790 m. R. Woods

Benjamin Rice b. 27 Aug 1793 // One child named Nancy b. 1798/9 m. John Funk

Record in possession of Mrs. Mary Lee Mahin, Keene KY. ,;

Volume 12, No. 1, 1990, page 2

Lois Raber Wormington, 7415 Marilyn Avenue NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109 sends us the following Ancestor Chart.

14. Randall Roundtree, parents William d. 1765 VA/ & Dorcas Dudley b. Kent CO VA

Volume 12, No. 2, 1990, page 21

From Garland Black, Jr. 5306 Easton Drive, Springfield VA 22151, I received the following: "I am enclosing a page on my Rice line from William Rice's brother Nathan. Nathan and Lavinia' children (I don't think the Gabriel in Logan CO is related) and info on Matthew (s/o William, sr.) and his wife Ann from Prince Edward CO VA, as provided by Christine Rogers Rice, 400 Emerald Lane Carbondale IL 62901. Hope these may help"


gggg-grf- MATTHEW RICE m. Anne, d. 1775 Prince Edward CO VA (Matthew was son of

Thomas Rice of Hanover CO VA.)

his son- Nathan Rice, m. Lavinia (Grainger/Crenshaw) Nathan died in Muhl. CO 1816

and Labinia died in Muhl. CO KY 1828.

Children of Nathan and Lavinia Rice;

LUCY RICE b. ca 1767 VA, d. 1838 Ohio CO KY- m./1 John Willis in 1785 in Mercer

CO KY. (old Lincoln CO) (John drown in Chaplin River, Mercer CO KY.

1795 (4 children)

m./2 lacy m. Robert Black, 1797 Mercer CO KY. (5 children)



LETITIA W. b. 12 Dec 1785 m. ca 1811/12 Garland Dickenson Craig b. 13 Mar

1791 Washington CO VA she d. Muhl. CO ca 1811/12 (13 children)

NANCY RICE m./1 John Robert Tolbert m/2 Robert Welborn

ELIZABETH ANN RICE m. Henry Willis Black

ANNE RICE m. Robert Dudley

SARAH RICE m. Matthew Willis

GABRIEL RICE m. 2 Dec 1788 Garrard CO KY to Phoebe Garrett

children: Phineas G., Nathan Lewis, John, Gabriel

This from Will Book 2 pg 70 Muhl. CO dated 18 May 1816- July Ct. 1817


(( Note: these dates don't make sense, but I will type as written))

son; Jesse Lewis Black b. Feb 1810 m/1 Louisa M. Craig (5 children)

son; Hiram Craig Black m. Lulu Blandie Cone (1 child) Hiram b. 1849 Ohio CO KY d. 1908

Dayton OH Lulu b. 1862 IN d. 1946 TX

son; Garland Cuzorte Black, b. 1894 Dayton OH d. 1951 TX m. Florence Marguerite Biegler,

b. 1898 IN d. 1981 Washington DC m. Aug 1919 Deming NM (2 children)

son; G.C. Black, b. 18 Feb 1921 Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio TX m. 1 Jun 1943 to

Marjorie Ban___ Kopff, b. 13 Nov 1924, Brooklyn NY


dau; Louisa M. Craig m. 1836 Jesse Lewis Black.


Prince Edward CO VA

Matthew Rice, wife Ann, died intestate in 1775

Deed Book #2 p 103 1762 to son Matthew, Jr.

" " " 287 " John

" " " 288 " Nathan (wife: Lavinia Grainger/Crenshaw)

" " " 288 " William

1774 to son ,James

1775 to son Benjamin (May 25) by Matthew, Jr and Ann widow, according to the wishes of the deceased Matthew for his son Benjamin. William and Nathan witnessed. DB #6 p 153, Nathan & his wife Lavinia in 16 Aug 1779 deed 165 ac to Edm. Dayrell Ford for 700#. Bounds; Jessie lewellen, Matthew Rice, John Baldwin, Joel Johns.

1783 & 1784 similar deeds of property by son William, gunsmith & his wfe Frances

(Grainger) of Amelie CO VA. 1823, power of. attorney from William Rice of Muhlenberg CO


Muhlenberg County Land Claims, 1800-22 (976.9832 R29m v. 1)

Page 332, February the 24th 1806

Item 714

Robert Dudley this day claimed a right to one hundred acres of Land by Virtue of having settled & improved the same agreeably to Law in that case made made and prourded and Located as follows to wit Robert Dudley Enters 100 acres of Land lying on the waters of Pond creek Muhlenberg County beginning on Stoms line at Browns beginning Running with Browns to Rices line to Alisons line so as to include any improvement.

Muhlenberg County Land Claims, 1800-22 (976.9832 R29m v. 2)

Page 111

Nathan Rice assile of Jacob Anthony assile of John Bowers assie of William Perkins enters two hundred acres of Land on a certificate No. 221 granted by the Court of Commisioners the 4th day of July 1796 and Locate as follows lying on Rocky Creek Beginning on the south side of said Creek on John Armstrongs line runing (sic) with said line South westwardly course thence Northwardly for quantity to include the improvements. Recorded October 22nd 1807.

Page 112

Robert Dudley assee of James Willon (??) enters four hundred acres of Land on a Certificate No. 473 granted by the County Court of Muhlenberg at their April Term 1804 and Located as follows lying on the waters of Rocky on a ridge between the said creek and Hazle Creek Beginning at three white oaks standing on a drean of Hazle Creek runing (sic) from thence S20W 180 poles to three red oaks thence S47E to his old survey entered in the names of Benjamin Talbert with the said survey until passing a field 80 poles which line runs N59E then N24E for quantity Recorded October 22nd 1807.

Page 258

Issac Newman assie of Robert Dudley Enters 50 acres of Land in the County of Muhlenberg on the waters of Clifty By virtue of a (illegible) Sound offer Warrant No. 2058 Beginning at the Black Oaks on the point of (illegible) thence N60W 80 poles to a small post Oak on a hillside thence S80W (illegible) to a small black oak and hickory. On the Bank of a (illigible) thence S25? 80 poles to white and black oak and (illegible) thence N09E 14 poles to the beginning.


"The Kentucky Land Grants" A Systematic Index to All of the Land Grants Recorded in the State Land Office at Frankfort, Kentucky 1782 — 1924, by Willard Rouse Jillson, Sc.D., State Genealogist of Kentucky, originally published as Filson Club Publications, number 33, Loiusville, 1925, reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Published on Family Tree Maker CD # 650.

Grantee Acres Book Page Date Survey County Watercourse

Dudley, Robt 200 18 39 10-16-1807 Muhlenberg Rocky Creek

Dudley, Robert 150 F 286 3-28-1819 Muhlenberg Clifty


Muhlenberg County, KY Abstracts of Deeds (976.9832 R28d)

Deed Book 4 1813-1817

Page 265. 18 March 1816. ROBERT DUDLY & ANNE his wife sold to NATHAN RICE all of Muhlenberg County KY for $160, 200 acres on waters of Rocky & Hazle Creek. Signed: ROBT. DUDLEY & ANNE DUDLY.

Page 266. May 1816. ANNE wife of ROBERT DUDLY relinquished her Right of Dower. Signed: CHS. F. WING, Clk.

Deed Book 5 1817-1823

Page 158. 11 December 1819. JAMES WELBORN & ELIZABETH his wife sold to ROBERT DUDLEY all of Muhlenberg County KY for $500, 116 acres on waters of Bateast. Corner to WILLIAM HYNES, ROBERT WELBORN corner. Signed: JAMES WELBORN.

Page 204. 2 October 1820. ROBERT DUDLEY, MATTHEW WILLIS, GARLAND D. CRAIG, HENRY W. BLACK & LAVINIA RICE sold to ROBERT WELBORN all of Muhlenberg County KY for $160, 200 acres on waters of Rocky Creek. Signed: ROBERT DUDLEY, MATTHEW WILLIS, HENRY W. BLACK & GARLAND D. CRAIG.

Page 296. 3 December 1821. ROBERT DUDLEY & ANN his wife of Muhlenberg County KY sold to JOHN TOOLEY of KY for $250, 150 acres on waters of Clifty in Muhlenberg County. Signed: ROBERT DUDLEY & ANN DUDLEY.

Page 296. 3 December 1821. ANN wife of ROBERT DUDLEY relinquished her Right of Dower. Signed: C.F. WING, Clk.

Deed Book 6 1823-1828

Page 293. 24 April 1826. WILLIS KIRTLEY & MILLEY his wife sold to ROBERT DUDLEY all of Muhlenberg County KY for $180, 100 acres on waters of Clifty Creek. DANIEL RHOADS survey, ISAAC NEWMAN corner, HENRY STOM line. Signed: WILLIS KIRI'LEY & MILLEY KIRTLEY.

Page 303. 27 April 1826. THOMAS THOMPSON & NANCY his wife sold to RICHARD B. DALLAM all of Muhlenberg County KY for $200, 200 acres on waters of Clifty. PENROD corner, HUTSON line. Signed: THOMAS THOMPSON & NANCY THOMPSON. Witness: WILLIS KIRTLEY, THOMAS M. DALLAM & ROBERT DUDLEY.

Page 327. 16 October 1826. WILLIS KIRTLEY sold to ROBERT DUDLEY both of Muhlenberg County KY for $180, 100 acres on waters of Clifty. DANIEL RHOADS survey, ISAAC NEWMAN corner, HENRY STOM line. Signed: ROBERT DUDLEY.

Page 361. 22 February 1827. HALL SHELTON & ELIZABETH his wife of Logan County KY sold to ROBERT DUDLEY of Muhlenberg County KY for $195, 230 acres on waters of Clifty Creek in Muhlenberg County. Patented in name of DAVID STUMP. BIGGERSTAFF line, JACOB RHOADS corner. Signed: HALL SHELTON & ELIZABETH SHELTON.

Deed Book 7 1828-1832

Page 33. 6 December 1828. ROBERT DUDLEY & ANNA his wife sold to ISAAC NEWMAN all of Muhlenberg County KY for $115, 230 acres on waters of Clifty Creek. Patented in name of DAVID STUMP to HALL SHELTON. BIGGGERSTAFF line, JACOB RHOADS corner. Signed: ROBERT DUDLEY & ANNA DUDLEY.

Page 34. 29 December 1828. ANNA wife of ROBERT DUDLEY relinquished her Right of Dower. Signed: CHARLES FOX WING, Clerk.

Page 131. 5 October 1829. ROBERT DUDLEY sold to THOMAS WELBORN both of Muhlenbeerg County KY for $300, 116 acres on waters of Bateast. WILLIAM HYNES corner, ROBERT WELBORN corner. Signed: ROBERT DUDLEY.

Page 153. 6 October 1829. ROBERT DUDLEY conveyed his interest to JACOB HARBAUGH 200 acres on Rocky a branch of Muddy River. Signed: ROBERT DUDLEY & ANN DUDLEY. Witness: ROBERT WELBORN & MATT' G. WILLIS.

Page 153. 6 October 1829. ROBERT DUDLEY conveyed his interest to JACOB HARBAUGH 200 acres on Rocky a branch of Muddy River. Signed: ROBERT DUDLEY & ANN DUDLEY. Witness: ROBERT WELBORN & MATTHEW G. WILLIS.

(Note that this is the last mention of Robert and Ann(e) Dudley in the abstracts for Muhlengerg County through at least 1842 that I checked. It would appear that he was selling all his land, sometimes for less than he paid, probably in preparation for moving.)


"The Kentucky Land Grants" A Systematic Index to All of the Land Grants Recorded in the State Land Office at Frankfort, Kentucky 1782 — 1924, Part 1, by Willard Rouse Jillson, Sc.D., State Genealogist of Kentucky. Originally published as "Filson Club Publications," Number 33, Louisville, 1925, reprinted by the Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1971. A copy was on Family Tree Maker CD #650.

Grantee: Dudley, Robt., 200 acres, book 18, page 39, Date of Survey 10-16-1807, Muhlenberg County, Watercourse: Rocky Creek.

Grantee: Dudley, Robert, 150 acres, book F, page 286, Date of Survey 3-28-1819, Muhlenberg County, Watercourse: Clifty.

Grantee: Rice, Nathan, 175 acres, book 22, page 28, Date of Survey 10-20-1807, Muhlenberg County, Watercourse: Rocky Creek.

(This shows that Robert Dudley and Nathan Rice were neighbors.)


Marriage Book list 1802-1904 (976.9832 V28h) (Muhlenberg County, Kentucky)

From Marriage Book No. 1 1802 —1836

Groom: Robt. Dudley Bride: Anna Rice Date: Apr. 10, 1809


From the Muhlenberg County GENWEB page on the Internet

Transcription of the will of Nathan Rice.

Source: Microfilm copy of Will Book 2, page 70

In the name of God Amen, I Nathan Rice of the County of Muhlenberg and State of Kentucky being in reasonable health and of sound mind and memory and calling to mind mortality of all flesh and knowing that it is appointed for all flesh once to die do make and ordain this my last will and Testimony (to wit:)

Item 1st I lend to my beloved wife Lavinia Rice during her natural life all and my singular my estate both real and personal and if at any time the stock or any part thereof should so increase as to become cumbersome unto her it shall be discretionary with her as my sole Executive to sell it at a reasonable Credit from time to time and the money arising from such sales to be applied as hereafter mentioned.

Item 2nd I gave and bequeath to my son Gabriel Rice the sum of five shillings and no other part of my estate.

Item 3rd I gave and bequeath to my daughter Lucy Black five shillings and no other part of my estate.

Item 4th I gave and bequeath to my son Jesse Rice the sum of five shillings and no other part of my estate.

Item 5th I gave and bequeath to my son Nathan Rice the sum of five shillings and no other part of my estate.

Item 6th my will and desire is this that Lettitia Craig and Nancy Tolbert two of my daughters shall be made up out of my estate the some of fifty dollars each before any division is made of any part my estate and then an equal division of my estate with Elizabeth A Black, Sarah Willis and Anne Dudley then after my bequeaths (or in other words), the fifty dollars each are made up to Littitia Craig and Nancy Tolbert and my just debts all punctually paid the balance of my estate shall then be sold & equally divided between my five daughters named in this clause.

Item 7th That whereas Matthew Willis and my self have exchanged hands and said Willis is to pay to my estate one hundred and fifty dollars in the exchange which is to be considered part of his dividend agreeable to the above intent and also I gave him one mear at thirty dollars to be considered as part of his dividend agreeable to the above sixth clause of this my will.

Item 8th, Whereas Robert Dudley hath received one horse of me at thirty five dollars and part of the price of a mear fifteen dollars which together make fifty which is also to be considered part of his Dividend agreeable to the Sixth clause.

I do hereby appoint Lavinia Rice Sole executrix of this my last will and testament, utterly revoking and making void all and every former will or Wills by me before made, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my Last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have set my hand and seal this eighteenth day of March and in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight

hundred & Sixteen

Nathan Rice -Seal

Signed sealed & pronounced in the presents of us.

William Wood

Robert Bell

James S. Smith

Muhlenberg County

July County Court 1817

The foregoing last will & Testament of Nathan Rice Deceased was exhibited into court and proved be the oaths of Robert Bell & James S. Smith, two of the subscribing Witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded.

Att. Ch F Wing


Following book was on microfilm 156,901. "History Hazel Creek Baptist Church" The Oldest Baptist Church in the State of Kentucky West of the L. & N. R. R. with Biographical Sketches of the Pastors and the Church Roll, by Wm. J. Johnson, and Particulars of Centennial Day, by Elder F. M. Welborn, 1898, Banner Print, Greenville, KY. The images were poor quality. A card included on the film stated that the film was made in 1952, and, at that time, the original was in the library of the Filson Club, Louisville, Kentucky. On page 26 was a section titled "Ministers Ordained" and part of the paragraph stated:

"… In November 1821, Robert Dudley and Simeon Vaught were ordained to preach the gospel. …"

Robert Dudley was never mentioned again in the book, as far as I can tell, on those pages that were legible.


Transcript of the Federal Census 1830, Vigo County, Indiana (call number 977.1 A1 no. 200). I looked at the actual census, but could not find Robert Dudley; however, the film was a negative copy and illegible in places. The transcript reported:

Dudley, Robert

1 male 5 to 10

1 male 20 to 30

1 male 40 to 50

1 female under 5

1 female 5 to 10

2 females 15 to 20

3 females 20 to 30

1 female 50 to 60

Total 11

(In the census of Muhlenberg County in 1820, that Robert Dudley had one male under 10 and 5 females under 10, 1 female 10 to 16, plus 2 adults, presumably the parents. That older girl would have been born before the marriage (a previous marriage for one of them?). In the above census of 1830, there were 1 male 10 to 30 and 5 females from 10 to 30, who would have been alive at the time of the 1820 census (the older girl may have been married?). The numbers match but the ages are not quite consistent. This does not include those under 10 since they would have been born after the 1820 census. If Anne Rice Dudley was born circa 1789, then that would put her about 40 or 41 in 1830 which is not consistent with the above, unless the transcript was wrong or the census taker was wrong — we need to find them on the original.

This is not proof that the Robert in Vigo County is the same as the Robert in Muhlenberg County.)

Denis P. Edeline note: yes there was an error.

2 females 10 to 15 years

3 females 15 to 20 years

1 female 40 to 50 years


The Vigo County GENWEB site has a transcript of the 1830 census:

There are 3 entries for James Ashmore and 1 for Robert Dudley on pages 91 and 92 of the census:

Page# Ln# Last Name First Name Middle Free White Male Free White Female

91 11 ASHMORE James A. 2101200000000 0000100000000

91 21 ASHMORE James R. C. 1000010000000 1200110000000

92 2 DUDLEY Robert 0100101000000 1123001000000

92 4 ASHMORE James 1000100000000 0001000000000

There are 13 columns for free white males and free white females:

Under 5,

5 and under 10,

10 and under 15,

15 and under 20,

20 and under 30,

30 and under 40,

40 and under 50,

50 and under 60,

60 and under 70,

70 and under 80,

80 and under 90,

90 and under 100,

and 100 and upwards

(This indicates that the oldest female in the Dudley household was 40 to 50 which is consistent with Anne Rice Dudley born about 1789. Also, note that James R. C. Ashmore is the only one with a girl 20 to 30 of the right age to be Lavisa Ann Ashmore, who we know was born March 5, 1806, in Tennessee according to the Dudley Family Bible. Lavisa would have been 24 in 1830, and if this is her family, both parents were no more than 40 so they would have been about 16 when she was born? Possible, but unlikely, I think. Unless of course, James R. C. Ashmore was her brother rather than her father? Not enough information. This is possible since there were 3 young children and none in-between up to the 20 to 30 year old female. The other 2 James’ were too young to have been her father.)


"Vigo County, Indiana Marriage Licenses" compiled by Mae Johns and A. R. Markle, 1936 (977.245 V25j).

Groom: Black, Thomas Groom: Black, William

Bride: Dudley, Lavina G. Bride: Dudley, Sarah W.

Date: Dec. 9, 1830 Date: Dec. 9, 1830

Preacher: Dudley, Robert Preacher: Dudley, Robert

Groom: Dudley, William G. Groom: Dudley, William

Bride: Ashmore, Lavisa Ann Bride: Dancy, Susan

Date: Dec. 8, 1830 Date: Oct. 29, 1829

Preacher: Dudley, Robert Preacher: Kimbrough, R. C.

Note that the data is also on Marriage Index, Vigo County, Indiana (Family History Library film 1,392,539), license issued Dec. 7, 1830.

Note from preceding data, that there was a family named Black that married into the Rice family in Muhlenberg Co., KY, though there is no proof that the above are from the same family. Also, note that the mother of Anne Rice Dudley was named Lavinia and one of the brides above was Lavina — interesting but not conclusive. The other William Dudley is probably not the same as William G. Dudley.


"History of Vigo County, Indiana," by H. C. Bradsby, 1891, SB Nelson & Co., Chicago (977.245 H2b).

Page 356 lists marriage licenses issued in 1830: "… December 7, Thomas Black and Lavina Dudley; William Black and Sarah W. Dudley; William G. Dudley and Levisa Ann Ashmore; …"


The Edgar County, Illinois, GENWEB page has actual census images on-line for the 1840 census, The index for the Illinois 1840 census shows Robert on page 67 of the Edgar County census (call number 977.3 X2i).

Page 67

Robert Dudley

1 male 15 and under 20

1 male 50 and under 60

1 female 10 and under 15

2 females 15 and under 20

1 female 20 and under 30

1 female 50 and under 60

(I believe this is consistent with the Robert Dudley in Vigo County, IN, in 1830, with the loss of 1 male and 2 females who got married. Note that there was no other Dudley in the index.)


Edgar County, Illinois, land records, Grantee (buyer) index on film 1,301,929, and Grantor (seller) index on film 1,301,930. The following are in chronological order.


19 Jan 1833, Robert Dudley (grantee), Samuel Newman (grantor), $800, section 36, town 13, range 12, recorded 27 Aug 1833, book 2, page 80. (Note that only Robert is mentioned in the actual document. {film 1,301,934})

28 Dec 1835, William G. Dudley (grantee), Daniel Darnall (grantor), $200, section 25, town 13, range 12, recorded 1 Jan 1836, book 2, page 492. (Note that only William is mentioned in the actual document. {film 1,301,934})

7 Jan 1837, Robert Dudley (grantee), Samuel Newman (grantor), $425, section 36, town 13, range 12, recorded 14 Sep 1837, book 3, page 281. (Note that only Robert is mentioned in the actual document. {film 1,301,934})

27 Jan 1837, Jessie Ogden (grantee), Robert Dudley (grantor), $450, section 36, town 13, range 12, recorded 11 Feb 1837, book 3, page 156.

2 Jan 1838, Guilford Dudley (grantee), James Dudley (grantor), several lots in the town of Grandview, recorded 20 Jun 1838, book 3, page 636.

4 Jul 1838, William Sather (grantee), James Dudley (grantor), $36, in town of Grandview, recorded 4 Mar 1839, book 3, page 865.

23 Mar 1839, Robert Dudley (grantee), Samuel Newman (grantor), $1,839, section 36, town 13, range 12, recorded 23 Mar 1839, book 3, page 898. (Note that only Robert is mentioned in the actual document. {film 1,301,935})

17 May 1839, William Craig (grantee), Robert Dudley (grantor), $525, section 36, town 13, range 12, recorded 17 May 1839, book 3, page 960.

13 Sep 1839, Robert Dudley (grantee), John Hoggett (grantor), $400, section 3, town 12, range 12, recorded 13 Sep 1839, book 4, page 134. (Note that only Robert is mentioned in the actual document. {film 1,301,935})

21 Aug 1840, Guilford Dudley (grantee), William Bovell (grantor), $725, section 22, town 14, range 12, recorded 21 Aug 1840, book 4, page 398.

16 Dec 1842, Guilford Dudley (grantee), Aaron Darnall (grantor), $143, section 15, town 14, range 14, recorded 10 Jan 1844, book 9, page 316.

4 Apr 1844, Jesse Ogden (grantee), Robert Dudley (grantor), $300, section 2, town 12, range 12, recorded 2 Sep 1844, book 6, page 496. (Note that the actual document states "Robert Dudley and Ann Dudley his wife of the County of Edgar..." and the transcribed signatures are of both Ann and Robert. {film 1,302,555})

13 Sep 1844, Jesse Ogden (grantee), William G. Dudley (grantor), $400, section 25, town 13, range 12, recorded 22 Feb 1845, book 7, page 22. (Note that the actual document states "William G. Dudley and Ann Dudley his wife…" but the transcribed signatures are William G. Dudley and Lavisa Ann Dudley. {film 1,302,556})

Unknown date, Narcissa Dudley (grantee), James Elledge (grantor). (note a marriage in Edgar between Narcissa Elledge and Ransom W. Dudley on 30 May 1840 in Edgar County — see below.)

9 Feb 1853, Ransom W. Dudley (grantee), David Connely (grantor), $800, in J Mayos 1st add to Paris, recorded 26 May 1853, book 13, page 356.

23 May 1854, John L. Clinger (grantee), Ransom W. Dudley (grantor), $525, in JB Croffords add to Paris, lot 4, recorded 23 May 1854, book 14, page 356.

20 Oct 1855, Ransom W. Dudley (grantee), Milton Dill (grantor), $1,100, section 26, town 16, range 14, recorded 17 Apr 1856, book 16, page 637.

17 Apr 1856, John B. Hannah et al (grantee), Ransom W. Dudley (grantor), $1,000, section 26, town 16, range 14, recorded 17 Apr 1856, book 16, page 638.

17 Apr 1856, Ransom W. Dudley (grantee), John Hannah (grantor), $800, in Austin & Boydstons add to Paris, recorded 19 Feb 1857, book 18, page 113.

(It would appear that Ransom traded property with Mr. Hannah?)

17 Apr 1856, Ransom W. Dudley (grantee), M. M. Dill (grantor), $800, in M M Dills 1st add to Paris, recorded 19 Feb 1857, book 18, page 116.

26 Sep 1856, James Dudley (grantee), Andrew Pinnell (grantor), $800, in town of Kansas, recorded 11 Mar 1858, book 20, page 17.

9 May 1857, William B. Shrader (grantee), Ransom W. Dudley (grantor), $1,100, in Austin Boynton’s add to Paris, lot 17, recorded 9 May 1857, book 18, page 374.

18 Sep 1857, Ewan Milburn (grantee), Mahala Dudley (grantor), $1,035, section 2, town 12, range 13, recorded 1 Oct 1857, book 19, page 174.

17 Jul 1858, Robert Dudley (grantee), Barna Becker (grantor), $900, in original town of Paris, recorded 17 Jul 1858, book 20, page 263.

(I don’t know if this is the same Robert as before)

17 Jul 1858, Shadford Easton (grantee), Ransom W. Dudley (grantor), $483.50, section 1, town 13, range 12, recorded 17 Jul 1858, book 3, page 174.

19 Jul 1858, Elza Wall (grantee), Ransom W. Dudley (grantor), $400, in M. M. Dills 1st add to Paris, lot 11, recorded 19 Jul 1858, book 20, page 268.

26 Aug 1859, Shadford Easton (grantee), Ransom W. Dudley (grantor), $400, in town of Paris, lot 10, recorded 26 Aug 1859, book 23, page 433.

20 Nov 1863, James Dudley (grantee), Abraham Spears (grantor), $2,500, in town of Kansas, recorded 4 Mar 1865 in book 29, page 170.

6 Apr 1864, James B. Crawford (grantee), Ransom W. Dudley (grantor) $400, in Crawfords add to Paris, lot 9, recorded 6 Apr 1854, book 1, page 52 (there is a date mismatch in the index).

2 Nov 1864, Ransom W. Dudley (grantee), M. M. Dill (grantor), $800, in M M Dills add to Paris, recorded 5 Nov 1864, book 28, page 144.

26 Mar 1869, Edward Perkins (grantee), William I. Dudley (grantor), $1,520, section 30, town 15, range 12, recorded 14 Jun 1869, book 38, page 278.

12 Jun 1869, Joe Boyd (grantee), Ransom W. Dudley (grantor), $400, In M.M. Dills add to Paris, lot 1, recorded 30 Jun 1869, book 37, page 344.


"Edgar County, Illinois, Marriage Records, 1823 — 1866" compiled by Robert E. & Phyllis J. Selby, 1981, Selby Publishing & Printing (call number 977.369 V2se).

Ashmore, Geo. W. May E. Norton 29 Nov 1860

Ashmore, Greenwood Minerva Goodrum 13 Nov 1851

Ashmore, Patric Mary A. Kurl 3 Jul 1854

Ashmore, Robert E. Martha J. Moffett 29 Oct 1857

Boyer, Wm. S. Virginia Dudley 24 Oct 1858

Curtis, Gilbert Louisa A. Dudley 19 Aug 1844

(I wonder if Louisa was a daughter of Robert?)

Downs, Robert Nancy R. Dudley 25 Nov 1835

(I wonder if Nancy was a daughter of Robert and the "R" stands for Rice?)

Dudley, Guiford Mary Wiley 16 Nov 1829

Dudley, James Mabby Brown 18 Mar 1834

Dudley, Ranson W. Narcissa Elledge 30 May 1840

Givens, James Leticia W. Dudley 8 May 1841

(I wonder if Leticia was a daughter of Robert?)

Holcomb, Burt Lucinda Ashmore 12 Oct 1851

Norbeck, James P. Mahala Ashmore 3 Sep 1863


The index of the Wisconsin 1850 census shows 2 individuals named William Dudley and one named W. Dudley in Dane County, Wisconsin (call number 977.5 X2p). One William was in Perry Township, one in Oregon, and the W. was in Rutland. There is no Robert Dudley in the index.

(I looked at the actual census on microfilm and found the following entry for our William.)

U. S. Federal Census, September 17, 1850, Wisconsin, Dane County, Perry Township, District No. 57, page 448.

William Dudley, age 40, farmer, $300 value of real estate, born Kentucky

Lavina (that is the way it appears to be spelled), age 45, born Kentucky (ditto mark

under William’s birth state — should be Tenneesee?)

Robert, age 18, farmer (ditto mark), born Illinois

James, age 16, farmer (ditto mark), born Illinois

William, age 15, farmer(ditto mark), born Illinois

Ann Eliza., age 13, born Illinois

Martha (something illegible looks like "Lasse"?), age 12, born Illinois

Thomas, age 10, born Illinois

Arilton (I think — not very legible possibly Milton?), age 8, born Illinois

Mary, age 6, born Illinois

Margaret Ashmore, age 40, born Tennessee (may be Lavisa’s sister?)

The very next family was Martin Ashmore, age 38, farmer, born Tenneesee. (While his wife was born in Alabama, all his children were born in Illinois — suggestive that he may be Lavisa’s brother?)


Wisconsin also did a state census in 1855; index book (call number 977.5 X22w). This index shows William G. Dudley in Primrose, Dane County. There is also a William Dudley in Madison, Dane County, and another William Dudley in Hazle Green, Grant County. There is no Robert Dudley in the index.


The Bureau of Land Management on their web site ( has a land grant to William G. Dudley of Dane County Wisconsin, of 40 acres dated April 1, 1852, certificate no. 13568. Another grant of 160 acres was granted to William G. Dudley of Dane County on Nov. 10, 1855, certificate no. 21995. There were quite a few grants to a William Dudley, but I could not determine if they were the same man.


Dane County, Wisconsin, Deed Book indexes (beginning 1843): Grantor (seller) index on film 1,311,980, and Grantee (buyer) index on film 1,312,508. There were many Dudleys listed in the indexes. The following, in chronological order, are what I could identify as William G. Dudley, but, as I said, there are many more, including "Wm" and William.

Date Grantor (seller) Grantee (buyer) Sec/Twn/Pl Book/Page

5/31/1852 Woodman Wm G Dudley 15/426

5/31/1852 Washburne Wm G Dudley 15/427

10/15/1853 Washburne William G Dudley 20/119

11/25/1854 William G. Dudley Woodman 31/6/7 26/420

2/20/1855 Adams Wm G Dudley 27/576

1/8/1856 Woodman Wm G Dudley 33/370

6/17/1856 Wm G Dudley Lafollett 37/71

1/13/1857 Wm G Dudley Kittleson 31/6/7 38/382

(He sold his last piece of land in January 1857, which matches the History of Mitchell County, Iowa, where it says he built a saw mill in 1857.)


The "History of Mitchell and Worth Counties, Iowa," Union Publishing Company, Springfield, Ill., 1884, has Chapter XVIII on the History of Cedar Township (pp. 288 - 309). A copy of the book was in the Los Angeles City Public Library, Los Angeles, CA. In a section titled "The Mills" was the following paragraph:

William Dudley built a saw mill on Rock creek, on section 17, in 1857. He put in a cast iron mill, which ground corn and wheat for the surrounding country. A little later he made a bolting machine and then was able to produce very good flour. He sold out to his sons and Eli Hutchinson, who tore away the saw mill and build a grist mill with one run of stone. After running a year, this mill burned down, and there were no other mill accommodations until 1882, when William Dudley build a feed mill and put in one run of stone.

[The first William had to be William G. Dudley, Sr., and the second was William, Jr.]


U.S. Federal Census, June 4, 1860, Cedar Township, Mitchell County, Iowa

Hawley Childs, farmer, age 51, born New York, $2,000 real estate, $1,000 personal property

Hannah, age 48, born Kentucky

Robert, age 16, male, farmer, born Illinois

Elvisa, age 14, female, born Illinois

Martha, age 11, female, born Wisconsin

Loren(?), age 9, male, born Wisconsin

Eunice, age 5, female, born Wisconsin

Olive, age 3, female, born Wisconsin

(Note that 4 older children were not shown with Hawley, Livona Jane (2nd child), born 17 Dec 1838 in Wisconsin was married to Robert Bennett Dudley before 1860. Also note that Hannah’s maiden name was Mount.)

Robert B. Dudley, age 28, male, born Illinois, farmer, $400 real estate, $300 personal property

Livona, age 20, female, born Illinois,

Ann Eliza, age 3, female, born Wisconsin

Wm, age 1, male, born Iowa

Ransom, age 1/12, born Iowa

(Note that I am descended from their daughter Lovina Amanda Dudley who would be born in 1867.)

James N. Dudley, age 27, male, born Illinois, farmer, $600 real estate, $200 personal property

Lucinda, age 21, female, born Indiana, $200 real estate

Jacob A., age 7/12, born Iowa

Wm G. Dudley, age 50, male, born Kentucky, farmer, $400 real estate, $300 personal property

Lavisa, age 54, female, born Kentucky (ditto mark under her husband)

Thomas G., age 20, male, miller, born Illinois

Milton R., age 18, male, miller, born Illinois

Mary C., age 16, female, born Illinois

(Note that Robert B. and James N. above, and Wm G. Jr., below, were their children also.)

Wm G. Dudley, Jr., age 25, male, born Illinois, farmer, $250 real estate, $200 personal property

Sarah S., age 21, female, born Illinois (ditto mark under husband)

Senaetha(?), age 2, female, born Iowa

(Note that Sarah’s parents, John and Lucretia Sturdevant, were listed with this family.)


U. S. Federal Census, 17 June 1870, Lincoln Township, Mitchell County, Iowa

Childs, Hawley, age 61, born New York, farmer, $1900 real estate, $500 personal property

Hannah, age 58, born Kentucky, housekeeping

Loring (should be Loren), age 19, born Wisconsin, farms

Unice (should be Eunice), age 16, born Wisconsin

Olive, age 14, born Wisconsin

U. S. Federal Census, 23 July 1870, Cedar Township, Mitchell County, Iowa

William Dudley, age 35, born Illinois, farmer, $600 real estate, $350 personal property (Note William G. Dudley, Jr., was a widower by this time)

Thomas, age 30, born Illinois, invalid (Note that this would be William’s brother)

Caroline, age 24, born New York (Note that this would be Thomas’ wife and sister of William’s future wife, Mary Smith)

Fannie, age 1, born Iowa (daughter of Thomas and Caroline)

Ellen, age 12, born Iowa (William’s daughter)

Laura, age 8, born Iowa (William’s daughter)

Louisa, age 6, born Iowa (William’s daughter)

Livisa (spelled wrong), age 64, born Kentucky, (Note that this is Lavisa Ann (Ashmore) Dudley, widow of William Green Dudley, Sr., who died in January 1870.)

Samuel Skinner, age 37, born Ohio, profession illegible, $500 real estate, $300 personal property

Martha, age 32, born Illinois, (note that this is the sister of William and Thomas, above)

William, age 12, born Iowa

Amy, age 6, born Iowa

Mary, age 4, born Iowa

Albert, age 2, born Iowa

George, age 2 months, born Iowa

Milton Dudley, age 28, born Illinois, miller, $600 real estate, $500 personal property (brother to William, Thomas, and Martha, above)

Amanda, age 26, born Wisconsin

Ida, age 6, born Iowa

Allen, age 3, born Iowa

Eli Hutchinson, age 32, born New York, farmer, $2,500 real estate, $850 personal property

Mary, age 26, born Illinois, (note that this is Mary Dudley sister of the above)

Anna, age 6, born Iowa

Myra, age 1, born Iowa

Cora, age 3 months, born Iowa

U. S. Federal Census, 27 June 1870, Floyd Township, Floyd County, Iowa

Robert B. Dudley, age 38, born Illinois, farmer, $1,800 real estate, $700 personal property (note he died 8 Dec 1871)

Livoney (should be Livona), age 31, born Do (ditto) (should be Wisconsin. Note she died in 1872)

Ann E., age 13, born Wisconsin,

Ransom, age 10, born Iowa

Josephine, age 8, born Iowa

Leander, age 5, born Iowa

Lovising (should be Lovina), age 3, born Iowa (I am descended from her)

Livoney (should be Lavona), age 3, born Iowa

James, age 1, born Iowa


U. S. Federal Census 1880, Cedar Township, Mitchell County, Iowa, extracted from LDS CD-ROM transcription originally from LDS film 1254356, National Archives film T9-0356, page 428C.

Sam Skinner, self, age 45, born Ohio, father born Maine, mother born Ohio

Martha, wife, age 41, born Illinois, both parents born Kentucky

Lina, daughter, age 16, born Iowa

Mary, daughter, age 14, born Iowa

Albert, son, age 11, born Iowa

Lenard, son, age 10, born Iowa

Frank, son, age 8, born Iowa

Edith, daughter, age 2 months, born Iowa

Anna Dudley, mother-in-law, age 74, born Kentucky, both parents born Kentucky

(Note Anna Dudley above is Lavisa Ann (Ashmore) Dudley, widow of William Green Dudley Sr.)


I got a copy of the death certificate for Lavisa Ann (Ashmore) Dudley, from the Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of Vital Records, 321 East 12th Street, Lucas State Office Building, Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0075.

Return of Deaths in the County of Floyd.

Full Name of Deceased: Dudley Lovisa

Age: 92 (consistent with birth date of March 5, 1806)

Date of Death: Oct. 1898


Where born: Kentucky (this is wrong?)

Place of Death: Nora Springs

Cause of Death: Old Age

Place of Burial: Nora Springs

Certificate dated: June 1st 1899


Park Cemetery, Nora Springs, Floyd County, Iowa. The following are inscriptions on the gravestones:

Tall Obilisk

William Dudley, March 4, 1810 to January 17, 1870

Lavisa A., March 5, 1806 to September 16, 1898

Robert Dudley, dates not completely legible — death date appears to be Dec 8

Lavona Dudley, dates not completely legible — died May 28, 187?


Dudley Family Bible transcription.

William G. Dudley was born March the (torn page) AD 1810

Lavisa Ann Dudley was born March the 5 AD 1806

Children of William G. & Lavisa Ann Dudley

Robert B. Dudley was born Nov. 17th 1831

Jas N. Dudley was born Nov 7th 1833

Wm G. Dudley was born Feb 12th 1835

Ann Eliza Dudley was born January 9th AD 1837

Martha J. Dudley was born June the 12th AD 1838

Thomas J. Dudley was born October the 24 AD 1839

Milton R. Dudley was born December 21 AD 1841

Mary H. Dudley was born November the 6th 1843

Ransom W. Dudley was born August the 15 AD 1845

(A twin to Milton named Martin is not shown, but who died young.)


Ann Eliza Dudley died August the 2nd AD 1855

Ransom W. Dudley died August 17th AD 1845


We have always thought that Lavisa Ann (Ashmore) Dudley was the daughter of James Ashmore and Ann Horn and she was born in Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee. However, all the census returns 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880, as well as her death certificate show she was born in Kentucky. Also, the 1880 census stated that her parents were born in Kentucky. Note that there is a Pulaski County in Kentucky. I checked that Genweb site and found no references to the surname Ashmore, which is not conclusive, of course.

I checked the Giles County, Tennessee, Genweb site and found several references to the surname Ashmore.

"A Brief Sketch of the Settlement and Early History of Giles County Tennessee" by James McCallum, 1876, published by the Pulaski Citizen, 1928, has one brief reference. In the section speaking of Campbellsville and Big Creek, there is a mention that "Jas. Ashmore was among the first settlers. He settled the old James Hannah place, one mile north of Campbellsville. He was elected the first constable in his Captain’s ‘beat.’"

Giles County "History of Franklin, Giles, Lincoln and Moore Counties, Tenneese," Goodspeed Publishing Company, Nashville, 1886, pp. 749-766, has another mention of Ashmore. "… John dickey, James Ross, Hamilton Campbell, Joseph Bozler, James Ashmore and Daniel Allen settled in the Campbellsville neighborhood between 1808 and 1809. …"

However, note that Lavisa was born in 1806 and this Ashmore did not settle there until 2 years later. So how was she born there?

The Giles County, Tennessee, 1812 Tax Lists have the following references:

0157 Ashmore, James Sr. Comment: Campbellsville (Goodspeeds, 1 mi. N, Constable (McCallum), but see also No. 190

0190 Ashmore, James, Comment: Campbellsville Constable (McCallum), but see No. 157

There is also a William Ashmore listed without comment.