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The Ancestors of Isaac Kerns came from Ireland to Pennsylvania two or more
generations before Isaac.   We believe Issac's father fought in the War of 1812 and
that his grandfather in the Revolution.   The move from Pennsylvania may have been
with Daniel Boone.

Issac Albert Kerns was born August 11, 1815 in Bellefontaine Ohio, Logan County
Harrison Township.   He died March 20, 1889 at Macksburg, Madison County Iowa.
He married Rebecca Furrow on January 1, 1835.   She was born December 1, 1816
in Ohio, Miami County and died September 27, 1887 in Macksburg, Iowa.
Buried at Moon Cemetery, Madison Cty, near Macksburg, IA. (Grand River Township)

Her parents were John Furrow born in 1772, Virginia, died May 1848 in Clark County,
Ohio.   Married May 17, 1798 Montgomery, Virginia to Mary Simpkins, born 1776 in
New York, died before 1840 in Clark County Ohio.   Her ancestors lived in New Jersey.
They probably came from England or Wales about 1650.  John's father was also named
John, died 1834 in Montgomery County, Virginia.  (Jacob Furrow came to America from
Holland when he was 7 years old, probably 1750)

Children:  John, Henry, Thomas, Sebastian, Lydia, Charles, Albert

1. John was born February 1, 1836 at Clark County, Ohio He died February or January 20, 1889. He is buried near Council Bluffs Iowa. Married Marrilla James February 15, 1857, she died March 6, 1882 buried Primitive Baptist Cemetery at Madison County. ****No obit or no microfilm at Madison County Married Permilla Smith James February 18, 1883 She was born April 27, 1838 and died in 1910. Buried at Primitive Baptist Cemetery at Madison County. ???? were Permilla and Marrilla related. Note made that John moved to Council Bluffs. no obit was found in Madison County and no record buried with his wives. Children 1st marriage: Frank, Bell, and Etta 2nd marriage: Ellen, Bertha, and Charley
2. Henry Smith was born June 22, 1839 at Clark County Ohio Died January 23, 1908 at Exira Iowa. He died of Applexy. Buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha, NE Married Lucinda Ellis in Cass County Michigan on February 6, 1858. She was born August of 1843 in Ohio and died October 1, 1928. He was a wagonmaker. Children: 1. Jennie was born _______________ died ___________ (alive in 1942) Married Thomas Tulburt or Turlbert or Omaha She was a nurse. 2. Henrietta was born ________1865 died July 5, 1943 of a Cerebral Hemorage Married Oscar Brugmann of Omaha He was born _________died August 26, 1952 Buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery near Omaha, NE Children: 3. Sadie was born _______________Died __________ (was deceased at time of mothers death in 1928) Married ___________Temme of St Louis.
3. Thomas Longshore Kerns was born November 21, 1844(or 1843) in Bellefontaine, Ohio, or in Indiana . He died November 5, 1914 or September 14, 1914 at Bow Island, Alta. Canada or Medicine Hat, Alta. Cause of death: He had raised potatoes and was going around selling them, he was to carry a sack to the basement, instead of making the turn with the steps he walked off into space. The fall caused his death. Buried at Oak Creek Cemetery, Lot 25, Block N, Bottineau, North Dakota. He married Rebecca Elvira Davis on December 17, 1868. She was born September 22, 1842 at Shelby County, Ohio. She died June 5, 1928 Jackson County, MN. She is buried at Bottineau, North Dakota next to her second husband, Thomas. Her parents were Uriah Davis, born January 16, 1800 who died about 1870 and Vianna Davis who was born February 4, 1804 and died May 30, 1886. She married Joseph C Simpkins September 1858 and lived around Welton, Clinton County, Iowa. They moved to Nebraska and on June 17, 1866 he died. She then married Thomas Kerns. Children: Rebecca's first marriage : Laura, Lillian , Effie, Belva second marriage: Ida, Evaline, Arthur, Jess Will (Charles Wellington) (Arthur and Will married sisters) First Marriage Laura M was born 8-6- 1860 at Welton, IA Died April 14, 1890 or 1889 at ______. Buried at possibly at Leoti Cemetery, Lydia Kansas Married David Orr ______________________ Children: Lillian S. was born March 17, 1861 or 1862 at Welton, IA. Died December 17, 1941 at Butte, MT Buried at Mt Moriah Cemetery, Butte, MT. Married William Richards December 25, 1881. He died April 26, 1914. Children: Roy of Butte Earl of Great Falls Chester of Helena Mrs. Duncan Gillespie of Windham Mrs. Roy Lyford or Portland OR Effie ODell was born October 11, 1863 at Welton, IA .Died 1946 at Riverside California. Married Cassiusc Babcock on 12-25-1879. He died May 4, 1941. Belva was born October 13, 1865 or October 9, 1865 at Humboldt NE . Died November 1, 1945 at Mason City, IA. Buried at ________________ Married John Laughlin of Mason City. Children: Kenneth & Mildred Laughlin of Mason City Marjorie Corrine (David )Brunner of Mason City Second Marriage Ida Florence was born August 7, 1870 at Humboldt NE. She died July 9, 1954 at Great Falls, MT. Buried at Highland Cemetery, Great Falls, MT Cause of death Heart attack or stroke. She married James Garrison 7-3-1889. He died 10-27, 1922, at Minot, ND He was born 5-17-1861. She married Fred Dehnert December 18, 1926 lived around Denton, MT, moved to Fairfield in 1946. Children: Ethel Leota Rafter Iva (Henry) Koenig Underwood, ND alive in 1971 Ruth (Jack) Brandt Mrs. George Johnson (possibly Mrs. Alvin Sage of Bremmerton,WA in 1967. Lillian (Webster) Becker Great Falls alive in 1973 J H Garrison Phil Garrison (W P Garrison of Pusco, WA) 1. Ruth Evaline was born May 3, 1898 at Yale, MI.. Died April 18, 1971. Married Albert Osterkamp 5-11-1919, divorced. Married Jake Brandt October 7, 1925. He was born_______ He died in 1955. Buried at Highland Cemetery Great Falls MT Children: James L Brandt Scappoose OR Shirley (John) Shoquist Great Falls MT 2. Lillian was born May 17, 1907 at Eckman, ND . She died 11-27-1983 at Great Falls, MT. Married Webster Becker October 17,1933. He was born May 21, _______ and died February 18, 1973. Buried at Highland Cemetery, Great Falls, MT. Children: Donna (Jess) Voker Anchorage AL Sharon (Einar)Vikse Great Falls MT 3. Ethel Leota was born July 13, 1891 at Garwin IA. Died December 27, 1967 at Lewiston, MT. Married Richard Rafter on January 5, 1910. Richard died March 22, 1951. A. Wendell G of Lewiston, MT B. Jean (Ed) Lynch Rudyard MT C. Alice (Stanford) Skelton of Anchorage AL D. Son deceased 4. Iva Mae born May 24, 1893 at McCanna ND Died ______________ Married Fred Desilets December 26, 1912 Married Henry Koenig ________ 5. James Howard was born June 21, 1896 at Grand Harbors ND Died September 4, 1955 at Kalispell MT. Married Anna Tiute December 21, 1916. A. James of Encino CA B. Kathryn Burkland Havre 6. Esther Marie was born June 25, 1902 at Berwick, ND Died 8-20-1968 Bremertan WA. Married George T Johnson on 7-18-1921 at Minot, ND. Married Alvin Sage March ___ 1964. 7. Wendell Philip was born April 20, 1909 at Salway, MN. Died 8-12-1968 at Portland, OR. Married Edith Leslie November 11, 1925. Evaline was born March 7, 1872 at Humboldt, NE . Died _________________ Married Frank McLane or McLain of Lethbridge, Canada or Laramore ND Married November 23, 1892. Also seen name in obit FC McClain Spokane, WA (1953) She was still alive in 1954 Children: Lenora (Jay) Johnson Arthur Willis was born October 7, 1873 in Pawnee, Nebraska. He died October 10, 1961 at Windom, MN. He married Fannie Kimball February 8, 1898 in Dedham, Iowa. She was born June 5, 1874 at Wyoming, Iowa. She died July 1, 1969 at Windom, MN . Buried at Lakeview Cemetery, at Windom, MN. He was a farmer and served with the Minnesota Home Guard for World War I Children: Thelma, Isabel, Willis, Harold (Thelma and Isabel married brothers) ****Arthur and his brother Charles Wellington married sisters 1. Thelma Violet was born October 10, 1898 at Carroll County Iowa. In 1914 she came to Minnesota with her parents and made their home in Christiana Township in Jackson County. She married Lloyd Borer December 31, 1919 at the Methodist Church at Windom, MN. They farmed and lived on the farm that her parents lived on. In 1970 they retired and moved to Windom, MN. She died October 30, 1973 at Windom, MN. Lloyd was born November 6, 1898 at Cabery, Illinois. He came to Minnesota in 1910 with his parents. He died November 5, 1977. They are buried at Lakeview Cemetery, Windom, MN. Children: Marjorie and Donald Marjorie Ann was born October 10, 1920 at Jackson County . She married Orville Leroy Leen on April 19, 1944 at Windom. Orville was born June 5, 1920 and died April 12, 1989. Buried at Riverside Cemetery at Jackson, MN. Children: Robert, Betty Thomas Robert Orville was born March 28, 1946 at Windom. He married Ilene Fiala April 20, 1974 at Jackson. Children: None Betty Ann was born February 27, 1953 at Jackson. She married Ronald Culbertson September 20, 1981 at Jackson. Children: Rebecca and Amanda Thomas Charles was born January 13, 1962 at Jackson. Children: Brandon Donald was born November 26, 1927 at Jackson County. He married Margy Gunderson December 8, 1952 at The Bethany Lutheran Church, Jackson County. Children: Janet and Judith Janet Diane was born April 10, 1958. Married Kevin Donahue November ___1985 at Windom. Children: Dylan and Drew Judith Marie was born November 9, 1959. Married Richard Polzin July 1979 at Windom. Children: Christopher and Kelley 2. Isabel Marjorie was born December 16, 1901 near Dedham, Iowa. Her family moved to Milford, Iowa when she was 4 years old. On February 5, 1924 she was married to Alvie Borer at the Methodist Parsonage in Windom, MN. The couple farmed in Jackson County and retired and moved to Windom in 1971. Alvie was born June 2, 1904 in Webster County, Iowa. As an infant he came to Minnesota with his family. He died January 4, 1990 at Windom. They are buried at Lakeview Cemetery at Windom, MN. Isabel died January 25, 1991. Children: Merl, Richard, Arlene Merl Alvie was born March 28, 1925 in Christiania Township, Jackson County, MN He married Kathleen Porath on August 29, 1948. He died February 18, 1985 of at heart attack. Buried at Lakeview Cemetery, Windom, MN near his parents. Children: Patricia (Frederick) Bretzman of Windom James of Westby WS Rodney of Storm Lake IA Steven of Bingham Lake, MN Richard Frederick was born August ____1928 and died April 19, 1929, due to complications of the croup. Buried at Lakeview Cemetery, Windom, MN near his parents. Arlene Iris was born October 12, 1932. Married Sedrick Borsgard April 20, 1952 at Hauge Lutheran Church, Jackson County. Children: Craig David Richard 3. Willis Arthur Kerns was born March 1, 1914 at Milford Iowa. He died December 27, 1987 at Sun City, Arizona. He married Adelane Burdell Kirkeby on December 27, 1935 at Windom, MN. Burdelle was born August 22, 1915 at Heron Lake, MN. Buried at _________ Children: Bradley, Kathleen, Marilyn Kathleen Adelle was born October 24, 1943 in Minneapolis, MN. She married John Patrick Gilmer on June 26, 1965. He was born April 16, 1941. They had two sons. Todd and Brett. 4. Harold Claire was born August 26, 1915 at Jackson County. He was a member of the State Guard before he was called to service with the Air Cadets. He enlisted as an Air Cadet in February 1942, adn was called to active duty in September of 1942. He received his commission in June of 1943. He was with the 446th Bomb Group, 707 Bomb Squadron. He was abombardier on a B-24 Liberator Bomber, which was shot down over Brest France on November 18, 1943. His plane had just left Rio de Janerio a week earlier. The rest of the crew parachueted to safety. Lt Harold C Kerns body was returned to the United States from Europe aboard the Army transport Carroll Victory. He served during World War II. Buried next to his parents at Lakeview Cemetery, Windom, MN. Jesse Darwin Kerns was born July 13, 1879 and died July 8, 1953. He married Estella Belle Troupe on January ____1903. She was born February 29, 1884 and died August 4-1980. Buried at Riverside Cemetery, Aberdeen, South Dakota. Children: Glen, Earl, Roy, Kenneth, Dorothy, Bob 1. Glen Darwin was born February 20, 1904. He died November ____ 1956. Services were held on November 5th. Buried at Riverside Cemetery, Aberdeen, SD Married Dolly Children: Gorden born in 1930's 2. Earl W was born September 5, 1905 at Omemee, ND. Died August 12, 1975. Buried at Hillside Cemetery, at Fessenden SD. Married Vesta Quarve on August 2, 1933. Children: James of Silver Springs MD Kristi (Murray) Sagsveen of Bismark 3. Roy Gordon was born June 29, 1907 at Ommemee ND. Died November 11, 1985. Buried at Riverside Cemetery, Aberdeen ND. ????? married Alice Tadlock 9-18-1938 Children: Jerald G of Aberdeen born 4-28-1949 twin Herald R of Bismark born 4-28-1949 twin Judith Ann (Richard) Sabatka of Albany OR born 7-18-1942 She was married 6-17-1960 4. Kenneth Dale was born December 5, 1910 or 1911. Died September 23, 1941 in Military. Buried at Riverside Cemetery, Aberdeen SD. Married Hazel Children: Roger 5. Dorothy was born July 28, 1912. Died _____________ Married Lloyd Darrell Morphew ___________ Lived at Nora Springs, IA Children: Nolan born 1936 - married Maxine Katie Sheppler 1954 (children-Mark, Paul, Nanette) Clark 1938 - Died 2002 (1st Wife Maryalys Klemeshrud - Second Wife Jeanne Lindsey) (Children - Michelle and Nathan) Larry was born in 1942 Married Susan Marie Faleo 1961 (Three children... Melinda Sue, Ft. Collins, CO Married: 1st Bob Noe - 2nd Jeff Johnson (Children: Alexandra and Rachael) Alan Larry, Van Nuys, CA Christopher Clark, Athens, GA: adopted at age 6 weeks - married Tanya Kooi (children Anthony and Samuel) 6. Robert D was born September 7, 1918 at Devils Lake ND. Died February 2, 1982. Buried at Riverview Cemetery Mausoleum, Portland OR Married Ruth_________ Children: Thomas of Gladstone Diane (Backus) of Seattle ???????Divorced remarried Beverle in 1970's Gary of Seattle Donnie Roberts Eugene Robin Roberts Seattle Charles Wellington was born May 6, 1876 at Welton, Clinton Cty, IA. Died November 11, 1942 at Chelsea, OK. Buried at Chelsea Cemetery. Family members called him Will. He married Effie Kimball in 1899 at Dedham, IA . Children: Reo Harriet was born July 7, 1910. She died May 12, 1914 of Metastatic Cancer, at Grants Pass, OR. Married Harry Anderson of Los Angeles. She was cremated. No Children. Orpha was born about 1905 Married Fairest Milligan 11-7- 1923 Divorced after 3 or 4 years. Son: Irving Milligan died January 1, 1944 in WWII. He was a Gunner on the B 29's. Married Robert John Keddie April 11, 1939. He died October 25, 1988. No children Delene was born December 16, 1900 Married Emry Stuedle Son Murray he died about 1993 of Aids Had a Pet Food Shop at Alhambra CA 1st marriage Chloe Peacock 1. Suzanne Gail was born 12-7-1950 at Alhambra, CA Married Frank Ronald Gonzalez 10-22-1977 a. Crystal 2. Sally Delene was born 4-28-1952 Married Fred Hoff lives in ND a. Carrie Rebecca 1. son Jaiden 2. daughter Ciera (gave up for adoption) b. Amanda Second Marriage to Diane_____ 3. Heather ***Arthur and Charles married sisters
4. Sebastian was born 1-22-1846 in Logan County Ohio, near Belefontaine, Ohio He died March 25, 1904 and is buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery near Martinsville, Harrison County MO. Married Josephine Adeline Gates at Humboldt NE, Richardson County on December 27, 1871. Josephine was born April 25, 1955 in Jones Cty Iowa and Died December 23, 1946 at her home North of Martinsville, MO, Harrison County MO. Her parents were George Gates and Kathryn Turner. From Humboldt the Sebastian Kerns Family moved near Lake City, IA around the year 1877, then they moved near Macksburg, Iowa in the year 1880. The family lived there until 1890. Then they came by covered wagon to Missouri when Earl was only five months old. they settled one and one-fourth miles North East of Washington Center on 80 acres. From there they moved to the home place four miles North of Martinsville around the year 1902. Within about two years Sebastian died of pneumonia and typhoid on March 25, 1904. Children: Alice, Cora, Sabrina, Minnie, George, Charles, Earl, Mary, Jennie & Dora ALICE Elzina was born near Table Rock, NE on March 31, 1874. She died February 11, 1971, at Bethany, MO, Harrison County, buried at Wesley Chapel near ____________. She married Andrew (Jack) Lovitt October 11, 1891, near Martinsville, Harrison County, MO. Jack was born ___________died September 17, 1954. Children: Ocie, Lewy, Elvie and Orville 1. Ocie May was born October 10, 1892. She died ____________ Buried ___________. Married John H (Bus) Jones August 10, 1910. Children: Vernadean married Arwood Little A. Daughter Eldon married Juanita Adams A. Lewis Jones 2. Lewy was born January 3, 1895 and died September 14, 1952. Married Lois Hill ___________. Buried _____________ Children: Freda Leona Faye 3. Elvie or Elva was born March 4, 1899. Died ____________ Buried ________________. 1st wife Edna died Children: Helen, Carlyle, Francine, Jack and Loren 2nd marriage to Martha She died in 1989. Children: Sharon 4. Orville was born August 12, 1903. Died ________________ Buried _______________. He married Lillian Children: Russell, Verda, Billy and Lavone. CORA Mae was born September 15, 1876 near Winterset, Iowa. She died June 11, 1960, at Kansas City, MO. Buried at Lone Star Cemetery near __________. She married Issac Franklin (Ike) Hensley February 26, 1896. He was born _________died February 23, 1954. Children: Addie, Ada, Elza, Muriel, Verda and Alfred 1. Addie May was born December 29, 1896. Died _____________ Buried ______________. Married Laban Valentine Parman December 19, 1915. He was born February 14, 1898. Children: A. Muriel Marie was born September 24, 1916. She married Earl Osborne. Children: Robert L born and died December 13, 1939 Betty Rose married Bill Dill Patsy Mae married Ray Summers Kenneth Dale Opal Ann Tommy Lee David Linn born and died February 13, 1954 B. Ora Mancil born October 21, 1918 Married to Berniece Stephenson Parman. Children: David Lee ***** married to David Clairs widow C. Dean Hensely born July 5, 1921 married to Mamie Sherer D. Carl Vernon born September 11, 1923 married to Patsy Steel Scott. Marriage ended in divorce. Children: Brenda Gail 2nd marriage to Norma Mae Hulet Children: Jane Maricia Ruth Marlene E. Clair David was born September 9, 1925. Married Berniece Stephenson. He was killed in Germany March 18, 1945 in World War II. Buried in Hamm Luxemburg. Children: Judith Ann F. Olin V was born November 24, 1927 married to Crystal Barnes. Children: Boyd Mark and Addie Linn G. Anna Mae was born July 12, 1930. She married Robert Steiman Their marriage ended in divorce. She later married Dick Broyles. Children 1st marriage: Lois Ann, Frankie Dean, Linda Sue, and Ronnie Clair 2. Ada Olive was born March 10, 1899. She died _____________ Buried ____________. Married Russel Adams September 2, 1916. He was born _________Died __________. Children: A. Claris was born August 4, 1917. Married Wilda ______ 1. Carolyn Sue born September 11, 1938 Married Jim Banning. a. Sherri Sue Banning was born August 10, 1962 2. Larry Claris born September 25, 1947 B. Ferne was born November 5, 1918. She married Forrest Magee. 1. Forrest Craig born October 27, 1943 2. Gary Linn was born March 6, 1947 3. Debra Ann born January 29, 1951 C. Russell Max was born January 27, 1921. Married Evelyn ____ 1. Carol Jean born January 16, 1947 2. Janet Linn born November 26, 1955 D. Kyle Rex wsas born November 13, 1923. Married Gerry ____ 1. Kyle Rex was born July 1948 2. Stephen Paul was born May 26, 1950 3. Timothy John was born June 23, 1954 E. Dick was born April 30, 1930. 3. Elza Orin was born March 3, 1901. Died July 28, 1964. Buried______________. Married Marie Hensley Children: A. Junior B. Eldon C. Robert D. Leola E. Bill F. Kenneth 4. Muriel Josephine was born December 27, 1903. Died May 1987 Buried _____________. Married Sherman Miles Children: A. Harold B. Ralph C. Mary Ellen 5. Verda 6. Alfred SABINA Olive (Bina) was born October 2, 1881 near Macksburg, IA, She died December 21, 1932 at St Joseph, Buchanan County, MO. Buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Harrison County, MO. She married Charley Petty on July 31, 1901 at Bethany, Harrison County, MO He was born __________ Died January 4, 1962 Children: Stella, Vergie, Clarence, Chester, Roy and Jessie 1. Stella was born Febrary 25, 1904. Married Dewey Helms A. Maxine Vickers born 1920 B. Eddie Helms born 1922 died 1942 C. Howad Helms born 1935 D. Charlene Hoyt born 1937 E. Lelly Helms born 1939 F. Jerry Helms born 1943 2. Vergie born April 15, 1906 She married Silas England A. Louise B. Earl C. Jenny D. Linda E. Francis F. Danny (deceased) 3. Clarence born May 31, 1902. He married Gwendola _________ A. Kenneth B. William C. Darlene D. Nadine 4. Chester was born April 27, 1911. Married Retta______ A. Rosalee B. Linda 5. Roy was born March 31, 1908. Married Laura A. Edward B. Phyllis C. Ronda (different mother ??? Ann) 6. Jessie was born January 17, 1916. She married Morris Griffith A. Janet B. Donald MINNIE Myrtle was born July 22, 1883 near Macksburg, Madison County, Iowa. She died December 14, 1948 at Bethany, Harrison County, MO. She is buried at Masonic Cemetery, Eaglesville, MO . She married January 8, 1902 at Harrison County, MO Orla Francis Burns. He was born __________and died April 2, 1956. Children: Amy and Cleo 1. Amy Irene was born August 16, 1904. She married Ralph Poteet February 29, 1925. He died in 1983 A. Doris Evelyn married Dale Jones 1. Gale Lynn born May 8, 1954 2. Richard Gene was born August 12, 1956 B. Johnny married Eva Lea 1. John Daniel born September 1, 1956 2. Eva Jane born August 26, 1958. C. Barbara married Larry Dale 1. Kimberly Ann born December 31, 1960 2. Pamela Gay born August 8, 1963 2. Cleo Francis was born August 24, 1901. He married Maxine Salisman January 17, 1957. He died April 4, 1958. GEORGE Wilbur was born May 22, 1884 Madison County, Iowa. He died at his home north of New Hampton, on April 21 or 22, 1932. He is buried in the Miller Cemetery, Worth County, MO. He married Buna Patience Moreland on November 12, 1902. She was born August 7, 1883 and died April 29, 1969. Children: Opal, Blondena, Verlen, Goldia, Wayne, Garland, Ruth, Donald, Helen and Kenneth. 1. Mildred Opal was born October 20, 1904. She married Clyde Beckett (deceased). A.. Carl B. Doris C. Dorothy D. Helen E. Ruby F. Billy G. Harold 2. Blondena Dorsey was born September 19, 1906. She married Willie Millholland. A. Ila Mae B. Donald C. Betty D. Norma E.. Judy F. Billie G. Alan 3. Verlen Ira was born September 17, 1908 He died December 6, 1961. He married Esther A. Beverly married Wayne Hawkins 4. Goldia Pauline was born September 12, 1910. She married Wilbie Spainhower. A. Marilain B. Rosalie C. Donna D. Carol E. Jereald 5. Wayne Moreland was born August 20, 1912. He died December 19, 1985 ??? Married Odah Flint A. Phyllis B. Kenneth 6. Garland Wilbur was born December 2, 1914. possibly died May 28, 1975 Married Maxine _____ A. Lois Evelyn B. Ronald C. Jerry 7. Erma Ruth was born October 15, 1916. She married Delmar Finemore A. Eddie (deceased) B. Jack C. Gary 8. Donald Lloyd was born March 21, 1920. Married Shirely _____ A. Susan B. Steve C. Wendy 9. Helen Gyneth was born September 9, 1922. She married Virgil Jennings A. Donnie B. Max C. Joyce D. Sharon 10. Kenneth Maurice was born January 15, 1925. He married Dolly ______ She died June 1952. A. Tommy B. Debbie C. Janey D. Stevie his mother is Virginia CHARLES Albert was born July 12, 1887 Winterset, Madison County, Iowa. He died May 13, 1976 at Bethany, Harrison County, MO. Buried at Wesley Chapel Harrison County , MO ________________. He never married but devotedly cared for his Mother until she passed away. EARL Gaylord was born September 14, 1889 at Ringgold Cty, IA. He died November 13, 1961 at Bethany, Harrison Cty, MO . He is buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery Harrison Cty, MO. He married Claudia Olive Goodwin on April 10, 1912. She was born October 20, 1890 and died October 10, 1961. Children: Lavena, Lavesta, LaVona, Lorine and Reva Jo. 1. Lavena Maxine was born June 18, 1913. She married Glen Nickerson January 12, 19335. He was born August 8, 1910. A. Joyce Illene was born August 8, 1938. Married Maurice Leonard Squires on October 13, 1957. He was born March 10, 1938 and died November 2, 1962. a. Mark Anthony born January 6, 1960 b. Julie Kristine born January 17, 1962 Joyce married Robert Lee Cooper on June 16, 1963. B. Lois Karen was born September 14, 1943 and married Jerry Dale Wilson on May 16, 1965. He was born _________died January 5, 1988. a. Jeffery Dale born may 19, 1968 b. Kevin Dean born June 13, 1970 C. Vera Maxine was born November 1, 1941. She married Jack Nation Taylor. He was born March 4, 1938. They were married June 19, 1960. a. Felicia Jo born January 12, 1962 b. Stephen Farrel born April 24, 1964 D. Norma Sharon (deceased) was born March 19, 1945 and died March 21, 1945. 2. Lavesta was born February 9, 1915. She married L Menyard Vance September 14, 1935. He was born June 10, 1916. A. Mary Delane was born June 5, 1936. She married Richard Hogsett in 1955. a. Delane Elizabeth born December 10, 1957 b. Jennie Marie born March 17, 1959 c. Ross Vance born February 28, 1962 d. Robert born June 19, 1963. B. Phyllis Elaine was born March 12, 1938. She married Dick Cooper June 6, 1958. a. Kevin James born November 4, 1959 b. Kurt Dean born April 8, 1960 c. Kent Richard born July 14, 1962 C. Richard Leon Vance was born April 8, 1942. He married Sharon Lovestrand. a. Marcy Marie born February 24, 1964 b. Darin Richard born November 19, 1969 c. Ryan Lee born September30, 1971 D Baby Girl vance born 1944 3. LaVona was born November 15, 1918. She married Marvin Rodgers October 16, 1939. Marvin was born November 22, 1915. No children 4. Lorine was born October 13, 1920. She married Robert Stewart. A. Janet was born July 4, 1940. Married William George Noble. a. Rita Ann born June 16, 1959 b. Rodney Lee born September 7, 1961 c. Stewart Nixon born December 1, 1969 B. Barbara born January 21, 1944. Married James Verlyn Brooks June 16, 1963. a. Erick Bradford born July 11, 1972 b. Lisa Michell born November 1, 1974 5. Reva Jo born February 16, 1928. She married Roland Gordon November 29, 1949. He was born November 7, 1923. a. Gary Paul born July 12, 1951 b. Gloria Gay born April 14, 1955 MARY Lydia was born May 22, 1891 Harrison Cty, Missouri. She died November 14, 1985 at Bethany, Harrison Cty, MO. Buried Kidwell Cemetery, Harrison Cty, MO She married Charley Henry Swartz 4-2-1908 at Bethany,MO. He was born August 2, 1883. He died January 2, 1971 and is buried at Kidwell Cemetery near ____________ Children: Josie, Fannie, Raymon, Wayne George and Wilbur Lee. 1. Josie was born October 26, 1907. She married Jim Buzzard (deceased) A. Mary Lewis was born February 7, 1936 2 sons B. Lucille Mc Clure born March 22, 1938 2 daughters C. Charles Wayne was born August 15, 1941 D. Doris Jean perryman was born April 12, 1943 E. Jimmy Dale was born February 11, 1946 F. Larry Gene was born March 2, 1953 ***She later married Dale Taylor 2. Fannie was born December 19, 1910. She married Wilbur Schroff. He died August 1, 1981. A. Wilma Jean Bratcher born December 5, 1930 B. Billy Wayne born February 21, 1934 3. Raymon was born March 6, 1913. Married Veta Lois ________ A. Edwin 1 son B. Evelyn 4. Wayne was born March 9, 1915. Married Madeline Hoch A. Ronald B Gary 5. George was born May 30, 1917. Married Nina A. Lynn 1 daughter B. Dennis C. Janice D. Jeannie 6. Wilbur Lee was born May 1, 1922. He married Bonnie A. Ricky B. Sheila JENNIE Josephine was born June 3, 1893Harrison Cty, MO. She died March 28, 1990 at Harrison Cty. Buried Kidwell Cemetery near Martinsville, MO . She married Dockery Christian Nichols on September 14, 1921. He was born ___________ Died July 1969 and is buried at Kidwell Cemetery Martinsville, MO. Children: Robert Carol, Doyle Lee, Ralph Eugene, and Kenneth Rex 1. Robert Carol was born April 6, 1924. Died in 1989 Married Jeannie A. Pammy 2. Doyle Lee was born September 30, 1926. Married Dorothy A. Ginger was born June 9, 1952 B. Susan Michell was born July 14, 1962 3. Ralph Eugene was born December 10, 1928. His wife is Jean 4. Kenneth Rex was born March 4, 1932. His wife is Dorothy Rex possibly died in 1984 DORA Irene was born February 4, 1895 Martinsville, Harrison Cty Missouri. She died March 24, 1988 at Columbus Junction, Muscatine Cty, IA. Buried at Miller Cemetery, Worth Cty, IA . She married John Karl Stephenson March 14, 1917 at St. Joseph, Buchanan Cty, MO . He was born ____________, Died May 23, 1965 Children: William Curtis and Velma Marie. 1. William Curtis was born February 10, 1918. He died January 30, 1960. Buried at ___________________________Married Delores Thomas March 1, 1941. Children: Billie Marie and Norman Robert A. Billie Marie was born October 6, 1943 B. Norman Robert was born November 3, 1945 2. Velma Marie was born January 9, 1925. She married Melvin Hammel, which ended in divorce. A. Edward Lee (Hammel) was born July 24, 1945. Velma married Kenneth Peters on January 8, 1950. Kenneth adopted Edward.
5. Lydia was born January 22, 1849 in Logan County Ohio. She died June 22, 1910 or 1911. Married John W Clement on 3-9-1868, 5-9-1868 or 5-19-1868 in Nebraska. John was born November 28, 1842 was alive in 1915. Buried at _____________ Children at the time of her death. a. Mary R (Hugh) Schearer of Webster Township (also shown Rosa) b. Viola R (JA) Harrison has 6 kids c. Ina M or Inez and twin brother that died in Infancy (Albert) d. Josephine (George) Huston has 6 kids e. Thesesa (Melvin) Huston of Montana 1 child (Tresa) f. Sibbie (Glenn) Martin 1 child ???? No death certificate or obit found in Madison County for Lydia
6. Charles was born June 19, 1853 in Logan County Ohio, died May 25, 1855 in Logan County Ohio
7. Albert Issac was born June 28, 1858 in Fayette County Iowa He died June 19, 1929. Married Catherine Mc Collum May 5, 1888 Catherine born 1-17-1867 died in 1944 Buried at Moon Cemetery Madison County near Winterset, Iowa Children: 1. Orrin Ray was born June 30, 1889. Died November 5, 1959. Married Maude Cummin August 6, 1913. Maude was born _____1889 and died April 15, 1964. Buried at Macksburg Cemetery, near _______ ** Worked with Genealogy with Willis Children: Rokell, Albert, Zona, Winifred Rokell was born 4-28-1914 Died __________ Married Doris Goode 11-25-1935 Buried ___________________ Children: Rokell Gerald (Kelly) Kerns 11-9-1936 Dorothy Elizabeth Burley 1-2-1947 John Orin 5-5-1939 Albert was born 8-6-1921 Died __________ Married Ann Music 11-25-1943 Buried ________________________ Children: Charles (deceased) 8-21-1954 Franklin 4-4-1952 Zona was born 2-10-1917 Died ______________ Married Glenn Weaver 5-16-1939 Children: Larry Glenn (deceased) 6-22-1940 Marie Alberta Dobias 2-21-1942 Bruce Allen 7-4-1956 Winifred was born 2-9-1919 Died __________________ Married Claude Nelson 10-13-1940 Buried _______________ Children: Patricia Ann Rogers 5/27/1941 Robert Leroy 11-12-1946 Harold Eugene 3-6-1949 2. Verlin LeRoy Kerns was born August 21, 1898. Died February 15, 1968. at Madison Manor Nursing Home at Winterset. Orginally from Lorimor. Buried at Moon Cemetery Cause of death Myocardial Infraction Married Fern Bond 8-6-1920 Children (7) 1. Merl was born 7-9-1921 Married Ann Winegar 7-1-1944 a. Janet Lee Brandenburg 10-19-1945 b. Jon 5-12-1947 married Jan Mensing 3-28-1970 c. Patty Ann 8-6-1954 married Alan Eads 3-28-1971 1. Shawn Michael 10-10-1971 2. William Albert 8-17-1973 d. Melissa Jo 8-11-1966 2. Maurice 5-19-1922 Married Marjorie Henry in 1942 a. Judy Stalcup 1-23-1943 3 children b. Kathleen 5-13-1946 3 children c. Penny 4-21-1950 1 child d. Marsha 8-1-1952 2 children 3. Gerald 10-21-1923 Married Edith Hendrickson 11-2-1947 a. Mary Louise 11-23-1948 Married David Neas 8-30-1971 1. Justin David 12-17-1972 2. Rebeca Louise 11-14-1974 b. Gary 11-7-1951 c. Billy 6-2-1955 Married Julia Wolfe 8-25-1973 d. Betty Jean 7-19-1958 4. Baby Boy Stillborn 1928 5. Dolores 8-2-1935 Married Hraold Henderson in 1954 a. Debbie 11-25-1955 b. Kerry 5-2-1957 c. Kris 7-4-1958 d. Dennis 10-21-1959 e. Lori 7-8-1963 f. DeWayne 12-6-1964 g. James 6-28-1966 h. Kim 8-29-1968 i. Vickie 1-16-1971 6. Russell 11-2-1942 Married Judy Spencer a. Verlin LeRoy b. Russell Lynn c. Misty Fern d. Robin Marie e. Kimberly He then married Madelyn Wenck 6-1-1968 a. Scott Russell 11-26-1970 b. Marty Wayne 12-19-1973 7. Ronnie 11-20-1948 Married Valerie Comp a. Bart 1-30-1972 b. Kimberly 10-2-1973 3. Walter of Macksburg was born 7-3-1891 Married Mary Wiesseman 3-24-1920 a. Olive 1-14-1921 b. Wayne 11-4-1922 c. Clair 4-17-1924 - Died 11-9-2000 Clair married Lily Dragoo 6-9-1953 a. Robert Walter 10-30-1954 married Hiromi Ono (children: Emi (stepdaughter) and Erika b. Thomas 1-22-1957 Married Dawn (children: Michael and Jeremy) c. Donald 8-10-1959 Married Valarie d. Susan Marie 8-8-1961